Ladarius Hardy, Camia, Donnell, Damariea, Undra Sr., Undra Jr., and Iesha?!

I discovered redrum today – UGH! I still decided to go out to Champs since I was looking for cargo shorts, thanks to Hidden One in RedWeird’s Discord server. The Champs Sports website I was looking for was American, but as soon as I heard that it was still Buy 1 Get 1 at Richmond Centre on the phone, I had to go! Haha. I left at 3, but a full 401 passed us up at 3:10. Luckily, there was a half-empty 401 a minute behind, just as I was texting Paulo to complain! If he wants to come over tomorrow afternoon and pick up that Danby Designers microwave, Knorr hot and sour soup mix, Nissin sesame oil noodles to go with it, Koka Tomato noodles, Koka spicy black pepper noodles, Samyang Jjajang spicy Korean bean sauce noodles (chicken bomb terrorist noodles!), Maggi Letup Curry Kari Cili Api noodles, Penang white Curry Mee noodles, and Paldo spicy cheese Ramyun noodles, he can go ahead!

Cargo shorts are a nice idea in theory, but the button closures are annoying and a dealbreaker for me. So athletic shorts it is… red black Peak shorts and navy blue coach shorts! Even Atmosphere / SportsChek a few steps down didn’t have any cargo shorts without button and zipper closures, not that I was expecting them to! I didn’t want to waste my time and energy!

Then I got four on-sale Stouffer’s FitBowls with Shoppers Optimum points, working out to $1 each! Chicken and Roasted Cashews, Beef and Broccoli, Teriyaki Chicken, and Prime Rib Steak! Got home at 6:10 on a 401, which is fine. A wheelchair and walker took up ALL the disabled seats on one side, and the walker had to get off at Alderbridge. It was fine, though. I had to eat a frozen meal right away because I had no space in the freezer for anything else.

Champs Sports CSG navy blue Coach shorts with zippered pockets!

Champs Sports CSG red and black Peak shorts!

Stouffer’s Fit Bowls: Chicken and Roasted Cashews! Tender white meat chicken with carrots, broccoli, red Bell pepper, and cashews. Infused in a sweet and spicy soy sauce with a hearty blend of brown rice and red quinoa.

Stouffer’s Fit Bowls: Beef and Broccoli. Strips of seasoned grilled steak with broccoli, ribbon-cut carrots, and an Asian-style sauce over a hearty brown rice and red quinoa blend.

Stouffer’s Fit Bowls: Prime Rib Steak Fajita! Prime rib beef steak braised in a smoked red chili sauce with a mix of red and green peppers and seasoned hearty brown rice.

Stouffer’s Fit Bowls: Teriyaki Chicken! Tender white meat grilled chicken infused in a sweet teriyaki glaze and a hearty blend of brown rice, edamame, carrots, and broccoli.

From Youtube: Ladarius Hardy murdered Terry Porter?!

From Julie: Bianca is fine, but Camia?! Makes me think of a camisole and macadamias…

From Julie: Donnell?! Makes me think of Donnell St. Clair from ANNE OF GREEN GABLES…

From Julie: Damariea?! MARIE, a GIRL name, is RIGHT in there…

From Julie: Undra, Senior?! Tundra without the T! She says it’s pronounced like ANDRE. What?!

From Julie: Undra, Junior?! That’s like TUNDRA without the T!

From Julie: Iesha?!

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