Raptors and Golden State Warriors at 12 Kings! / It’s not ladylike to swear?!

Eric M. unexpectedly called me at 2:50 to say that Eric Ho and a few of the guys were going to watch the Toronto Raptors play the Golden State Warriors in an NBA playoff game (Game 2) at 12 Kings, and wondered if I’d like to go. I said sure, why not. (much better freedom without Jimmy around!) He said he’d pick me up around 4:30 or so, and did. While I was waiting, I discovered that he’d texted me about the hangout at noon. Oops! At least we managed to work it out in the end!

Then Eric managed to drop me off in front of the pub after using his phone to navigate his way to 12 Kings. I tried texting Chinese Eric to see where he was, but got no answer. Jeremy came in a few minutes later and we managed to find Chinese Eric and Randal while white Eric was parking. After saying hi, I was still not impressed, so told him to answer his fucking texts, in those words. He said that he’d been talking to Randal, but it’s TIME-SENSITIVE! “WHERE ARE YOU?” should be answered IMMEDIATELY! UGH! Yes, I’m being a hypocrite about this. Oh well. Randal gave me a LOOK, but whatever. At least we can be casual acquaintances now, which is okay by me. Eric implied that he wasn’t going to invite me, but since Christon was dragging Alice along, he thought of me. Gee, thanks!

We talked about Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA, sharing a platter of nachos / olives / jalapenos / cheese eventually (we paid Chinese Eric back $4.50 each), Obama being in the building for the basketball game, my Reddit mobile being VERY SLOW and not loading (but it eventually did a while later), instant noodles, spicy noodles not good for the stomach, Christon and Alice’s fried food, Eric’s club sandwich, current events, Jon organizing this but not making it because of teaching, and Nathan being back in town till Christon’s wedding, the CFL and BC Lions games / tickets, Jeremy’s brother Mark doing well in Seattle, and keeping in touch with people online. When I noticed that Randal was reading The New Evil: Understanding the Emergence of Modern Violent Crime (Michael H. Stone, Gary Brucato, Ann W. Burgess), I had to show him MY current reading material: The Most Evil Women in History (Shelley Klein) – HAHAHA! Randal mentioned that he’d thought of me while picking his book up at the library, and Jeremy laughed at the coincidence, because great minds think alike!

Chinese Eric wasn’t impressed that the Raptors lost 109-104, but nobody else in the pub to watch the game was, either. He also owes me an extra 50 cents because he didn’t carry cash or expect me to have the London Drugs receipt for the Indomie Mi Goreng Chitato chips. We finally left about an hour after the game, at 8:30. Those stairs at the pub are not disability-friendly since they have no handrail, forcing me to jump the last step, LIKE I DID LAST TIME ON MARCH 12! It wasn’t too far to the car, which is fine. Eric got a text message while he was driving into Richmond, which he hoped wasn’t Chinese Eric texting him that he was lost on the way to his own car. He said he could give me a ride to Christon’s wedding (which is on the same day as Mike Kwan’s), but that I’d have to remind him closer to the date since it’s so far away now. I totally understand!

A 6.2% Play Dead IPA from Yellow Dog Brewery in Port Moody!

From Julie M. and I Think My Mom’s Gone Crazy: When someone tells me it’s not “ladylike” to swear… WHAT?!

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