Vanessa and baby Cassidy! / Salty cream matcha BBT Coco! / Food birthstones!

After COFFEE TIME, I hung out with Vanessa and baby Cassidy, weathering a ten-minute Facebook glitch in the meantime where it wouldn’t work. They got here at 12:05, and we were on our way to R and H House in Lansdowne Mall. We talked about crazy friends, Tamara, Jen, abuse, Heather, how it’s nobody’s business if she’s pregnant or not, car accidents, leaving her TD bank card in the bank machine, taking things TO GO instead of the alternative (I got braised beef noodles and dumplings as a combo meal), tray messiness, and Cassidy being observant.

Later, we checked out THE BEST SHOP nearby, which was nothing special, especially for a Chinese dollar store. Then after dealing with slow drivers and pedestrians alike, plus construction woes, we finally made it to Coco Bubble Tea at Blundell Centre. I didn’t mind going in separately because she didn’t want to deal with taking Cassidy in and out. At least I finally found a menu on the counter that I could actually read! I got a NEW salty cream matcha bubble tea with pudding, which isn’t as bad as it sounds – Vanessa got a fresh grapefruit yakult, and wondered if white people even know what yakult is! Haha, I don’t know. She drove me home and I got in at 1:50 – yup, it was good to see each other again! It’s understandable that her brain is all over the place!

From Julie: Food birthstones! January: Hot dog. February: Burger. March: Egg. April: Pizza. May: Drumstick. June: Pretzel. July: Sandwich. August: Corndog. September: Noodles. October: Steak. November: Bacon. December: French Fries.

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