Enjoy 1+1 Café! Paulo! / Johnniemae, Sade, Jazmyne, Juarez, Kingston, Zeelah

After COFFEE TIME and SHOWER TIME, we learned that Steve had a migraine, so he was out for tonight. Totally understandable! I had to go back to Wireless Wave because I got an error message on my phone when trying to send texts! (“Currently unable to send your message. It will be sent when the service becomes available.”) Apparently, that was an inconsequential error, and Walter didn’t mind my coming in again. I can just imagine Mom’s reaction tomorrow if I told her that he says hi and Happy Anniversary…

Paulo and I just met at Enjoy 1+1 Café instead, near Price Smart. Hong Kong-style café life! I had curry fried noodles (and cold milk tea) and he had curry fried rice. We talked about Darryl, Brian, Holly, Jeremy, the Richmond Night Market, money, Tony, Discord servers, Nate, and our future plans. It was nice and casual, and I got home at 6:10 on a 401. So nice to have those bus stops open again! Turns out he had Dairy Queen later, but it was good for his downtime.

From Julie: Johnniemae?!

From Julie: Sade?! Like the singer?!

From Julie: Jazmyne?! BAD SPELLING OF JASMINE!

From Julie: Juarez?!

From Julie: Kingston?!

From Julie: Zeelah?!

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