Yleen Kennedy?! EILEEN! / St. John Barned-Smith?! DOG! / Kimberli A. Martin?!

Had sesame seed bagels with cream cheese, coffee, kiwi fruit, and pears for breakfast today. Deb opted to keep Elysse at home this morning, so we went to Costco after I checked on my place and grabbed a couple of things, including Alice’s FARTING ANIMALS coloring book. I even asked if I could do some laundry, and Deb said I could after she was done with five loads of laundry herself. Deb ended up buying DRUMSTICKS ice cream, Build-Your-Own-Taco kits, LibertĂ© honey yogurt with a certain amount of milk fat for her mom (“it’s not on sale, but it’s my mom!”), fruit, rotisserie chicken, quinoa salad, compost bags, chocolate muffins, apple muffins, Two-Bite Brownies, and many other things.

Lunch: French bread, Brie cheese, DanActive yogurt drink, edamame beans, and Costco rotisserie chicken. Finished my laundry and was relieved to have that done so I won’t have to do two loads of laundry right away when I get home tomorrow. We had fried rice with chili pepper and fish sauce, plus edamame beans on the side for dinner. Later, I entertained Declan and Elysse with the FARTING ANIMALS coloring book (“OH MY GOD!”) – HAHAHA!

From Youtube: Yleen Kennedy?! BAD SPELLING OF EILEEN! Apparently, it’s pronounced “Why-leen” like Auntie Wylene the drawing teacher… WHAT THE?! One of the reporters’ names is St. John Barned-Smith?! Sounds like a St. Bernard dog…

From UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: Kimberli A. Martin works at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not?! BAD SPELLING of Kimberly!


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