Happy Mother’s Day from Casey Anthony! / Black Ness T-shirt #2 / A.J. Careless?!

Today is Mother’s Day 2019. I was slightly awoken by the sun in the window, then by quick footsteps outside the bedroom door. Later, it turned out to be Declan and Elysse running into their parents’ room to wish Deb a Happy Mother’s Day at 5 AM! SO EARLY, kids! We had a rushed breakfast of cranberry and raisins Post cereal with milk and Nutella croissants before church. Elysse wondered if I was “too fat” to fit into the backseat of the van because I sat up front with Dylan instead. WHAT THE HELL?! First, I’m an alien, and now I’m fat?! Her parents made her apologize to me and said that was not very nice and hurt my feelings. Declan said that I wasn’t fat – thank you! We actually had great parking luck across the street from the church at 9:45 – nobody had taken up all the good spots before the liquor store!

Church service was fine – I like how Pastor Dan acknowledged the strained relationships that some people may have with their mothers on this day. I caught up with Emily, Auntie Catherine, Stella, Joe T., Benedict, Rosenda, Helen C., David Marr, Lawrence, Jason, Vicky, baby Lucas, Martin T., and some other people. I only had to interact with Mom for a minute; thank goodness I could use eye surgery as an excuse for not doing anything for Mother’s Day OR her birthday on the 14th! We eventually got going and eventually went to Kyoto Takenoko at Seafair Centre for lunch, hoping that fussy Elysse would eat SOMETHING. I had the spicy miso ramen and one gyoza.

While we were at Shoppers afterwards looking at Minions toothbrushes and other things, I decided that I might as well buy three yellow, black, and salmon BATH RETREAT shower puffs since Price Smart hadn’t had any when I was last there. I guess I’ll have to live with the string not fitting over the shower head properly. We had lamb chops, white wine, bok choy, mussels, and rice for dinner while Dylan’s parents were over. Later, it was CHUTES AND LADDERS time with Popsicles and Coke! Deb and Dylan had finally completed a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle a while ago and wanted to hang it up in the living room. NICE!


What Should You Get Your Mom For Mother’s Day?

You Should Get Mom Breakfast in Bed!

Your mom works hard from dusk til dawn, and you can’t remember the last time she got a break from her responsibilities.
There’s probably no chance your mom will take a rest even on Mother’s Day, so get her early with a surprise breakfast in bed.

Your mom will love getting a treat first thing, especially one she didn’t ask for or expect. You’ll make sure she doesn’t have to lift a finger.
Give mom the fuel she needs for a productive Mother’s Day with a delicious breakfast in bed. Just make sure to clean up afterwards, too!

(Ha ha ha, NO!)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the other great moms out there from Casey Anthony!

BATH RETREAT shower puffs or shower poiufs from Shoppers!

From Julie M. and Wish: A black Ness T-shirt… yay!

From Bored Panda: A.J. Careless is a lawyer?!

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