10 Commonly Misunderstood Words in English! / Kalan is for a girl?!

My parents are on a cruise and didn’t let me know, so I wasted my time calling them to get their voicemail multiple times yesterday! Then Dad emailed me to say that they could call me from the shore at 8:30, but then emailed me again at 8 to say that they were still on the ship. Since I don’t want to deal with stressful and inconvenient phone calls in the morning when I’m trying to shower and get out the door, I just PMed Brian about it instead since Paulo said he could be good for this sort of thing. To be fair, we had discussed it yesterday just in case. Thank goodness for friends since he agreed to do this for me! He doesn’t even have to stay for the entire four hours! I also got to text Pothead Mike for the first time, so YAY! (and talked to Jon via FB Messenger for a bit about the surgery and other things)

From Grammar.net: 10 commonly misunderstood words in English! Enormity, nonplussed, bemused, redundant, plethora, unique, fulsome, noisome, ironic, and literally.

From Julie M. and DR. PHIL: Kalan is a girl’s name?!

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