Doritos Dinamita! / Stupid people making you squint… / Vegemite beef jerky?!

After DOUBLE COFFEE TIME, I left at 11:30 for my 1 PM appointment at the Burrard eye clinic. Damn construction and detours! I got there at 12:40 no thanks to a crowded 6 Davie bus with one stroller / two walkers / old people, but STILL had to wait an hour to be seen for five minutes because it was very busy! Since they moved locations three weeks ago according to Elizabeth the receptionist (from 503 to 510), I took a couple of updated business cards while I was waiting. Of course I had to use their bathrooms when my appointment was done!

Then on the 6 Downtown going the other way (also crammed with strollers and walkers), I noted that the Great American Cheesesteak place on Davie (which I’d told Jimmy about on one of the last times I bused to the clinic) seemed to be closed. I sarcastically thanked a black lady with glasses for blocking the bus aisle, making it almost impossible for people to squeeze past her. She mentioned that she had a walker; yes, but MOST people still manage to be courteous and not block the fucking aisle with their clutter, detritus, and impediments!

On the way home, I remembered that I wanted to stop by Big Crazy sometime, so I got off at Lansdowne instead of Brighouse. I bought non-expired Knorr hot and sour soup mixes x8, Paldo spicy cheese Ramyun noodle packs x2, and a proper bowl for my future DUMPLING SAUCE concoctions. (they were selling mixes that expired on March 26 and will expire on May 11…) After just managing to catch the 410, I also bought Doritos Dinamita tortilla snacks in Nacho Picoso and Chili Limon flavors at Shoppers when I stopped by Richmond Centre to use THEIR wi-fi. Finally got home at 4 on a 401 to ROIMU for the first time this year, after stopping by the hospital across the street to use THEIR bathroom since I didn’t trust the walking time because of the aforementioned 24/7 construction zone and detours.

From Candy: Ever talk to someone so stupid that they make you squint?!

From Amanda in Kramer’s Discord server: Vegemite beef jerky?! QUIRKY COINCIDENCE since it’s International Hug An Australian Day today!

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