DUMPLING SAUCE! / NEW Olympic yogurts and chips! / WHATEVER T-shirt… YAY!

THERE WAS ANOTHER WATER SHUTOFF TODAY – NOT IMPRESSED! After I had COFFEE TIME and fielded an early-morning phone call from Megan at the Burrard eye clinic (Dr. Wise wants to see me this week to check her lens choice?! Friday it is…), Barry picked me up at 11 and we went banking and to Price Smart. I got bananas, on-sale Silk vanilla almond milk, on-sale Nissin noodles x4 (XO Sauce / seafood / black garlic oil / sesame oil), Koka Noodles x2 (Spicy Black Pepper / Tomato), on-sale Uncle Ben’s rice x3 (Smokey Flavor / Tomato and Herb / Mushroom Wild rice), MAGGI LETUP / Maggi Kari Letup noodles, and one litre of NEW on-sale Yamasa soy sauce which expires in late October 2020 (I was able to pull off the annoying tab in the store!) / NEW Allen’s Vinegar 500 mL of malt vinegar (crammed with the white vinegar and red vinegar on the Western side of Price Smart) / 700 grams of on-sale Laoganma spicy chili crisp oil for DUMPLING SAUCE! (my jar opener thankfully worked on that when I got home!)

Also bought on-sale Brookside Chocolate x2 (Blackberry and Honey / Pomegranate), NEW on-sale Peace Tea cans x2 (Sno-Berry / Mango Green Tea), Lucky Me! Mami Beef Noodles, one Stouffer’s Sauté Sensations microwaveable meal (Grilled Chicken Teriyaki), Western Family frozen veggies in the BIG bag, NEW Olympic Dairy small yogurt tubs x3 (Fig Honey / Citrus Cardamom / Smoked Applewood Vanilla – each 325 grams), Puritan canned Irish stew, on-sale JOY dumplings x5 for the Big Crazy price of $4.99 per bag (the last five available – Pork and Vegetable x2 / Lamb and Onion x2 / Pork and Chive), NEW on-sale Tropical Salsa Kettle Chips, and on-sale mint Oreo cookies. I think I’m looking forward to all the snack food! Haha!

Additional purchases: On-sale Old Dutch Humpty Dumpty cheese sticks (Habanero and Blue Cheese!), on-sale Excel spearmint Soft Chew gum x3, on-sale Western Family bottled water x12 (gotta keep ahead of all these sudden and unexpected water shutoffs around here lately…), Ben and Jerry’s Moophoria ice cream x2 (Peanut Butter Cookie Dough to replace the one that Paulo ate last week on Thursday even though he says he owes me / NEW Caramel Cookie Fix), NEW on-sale Hardbite chips x3 (Sweet Ghost Pepper / Avocado and Lime / Black Sea Salt), NEW on-sale Ruffles Flaming Hot BBQ chips, and NEW Campbell’s Everyday Gourmet Asparagus and Sweet Basil soup. I got Ray as my cashier, and Barry made a comment about how it took me two hours at the store. I wasn’t expecting to take 20 minutes to find the malt vinegar, no thanks to some employees there! After I got home at 12:55, I paid my Shaw and hydro bills online. Then I waited out the water shutoff – it was back on by 5:30, THANK GOODNESS!


Old Dutch BBQ corn chips!

Small Purell aloe hand sanitizer! 60 mL!

Big Purell aloe hand sanitizer. 236 mL!

One Step original hand sanitizer! 60 mL! BANNED FROM MY APARTMENT. I don’t like the smell.

One Step cucumber-meon hand sanitizer! 60 mL! BANNED FROM MY APARTMENT. I don’t like the smell.

Small Purell original hand sanitizer! 60 mL!

Big Purell original hand sanitizer! 236 mL!

Small 60 mL Purell aloe and original hand sanitizers x2 in a value pack!

$2 Essentiel hand sanitizer from the pharmacy next door! 60 mL!

Oreo mint cookies!

Old Dutch Humpty Dumpty cheese sticks: Jalapeno Cheddar and Habanero with Blue Cheese!

Limited edition Doritos 3D Revolution bacon cheddar snacks!

Excel spearmint Soft Chew gum: 40 pieces!

Excel spearmint gum: 60 pieces!

Western Family classic lemonade!

Western Family raspberry lemonade!

Western Family mango lemonade!

Arroy-D bamboo shoots / bamboo strips in water!

Yamasa soy sauce: One litre for dumpling sauces galore!

Allen’s malt vinegar: 500 mL for dumpling sauces galore!

210 grams of Laoganma spicy chili crisp oil for dumpling sauces galore!

700 grams of Laoganma spicy chili crisp oil for dumpling sauces galore!

Peace Tea: NEW Mango Green Tea!

Peace Tea: NEW Sno-Berry Tea!

Lucky Me! Mami Beef Noodles!

Ajinomoto Bibimbap!

Ben and Jerry’s Caramel Cookie Fix Moophoria ice cream!

Breyer’s Wunderbar ice cream in the BLACK box!

NEW Kettle chips: Chili Verde, Tropical Salsa, and Spicy Queso!

Tim’s jalapeno chips!

Hardbite root vegetable chips: Drop Mad Beets, 18 Carrot Gold, and Eat Your Parsnips!

Hardbite chips: Rock Salt and Vinegar, All Natural, Smokin’ BBQ!

Hardbite Avocado and Lime chips!

Hardbite ketchup chips!

Hardbite Black Sea Salt chips!

Hardbite Sweet Ghost Pepper chips!

Ruffles Flaming Hot BBQ chips!

Puritan canned Irish stew!

Puritan canned beef stew!

Puritan canned meatballs and gravy!

Zatarain’s jambalaya rice mix!

Zatarain’s dirty rice mix!

Zatarain’s Spanish rice mix!

Schweppes ginger ale!

Schweppes raspberry ginger ale!

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