Nalianna, Shemeika, Shakira, Ka’Leah, Machelle and a guy Lynn, plus Davaughn?!

After COFFEE TIME, I walked to London Drugs in the rain at 10:35 to get on-sale Canada Dry ginger ale x6, on-sale Sharpies packs x2, an on-sale Lindt Gold chocolate Easter bunny, on-sale Kinder mini-egg packs x2, on-sale milk chocolate Hershey’s Kisses, a huge on-sale Clorox bleach bottle, on-sale Campbell’s soup boxes x2 (Golden Butternut Squash / Roasted Potato with Leek), on-sale Waterbridge Cookie Barrel biscuit assortments x2 (tea biscuits and cream biscuits), an on-sale SpongeTowel six-pack, two actual MARTEX red face cloths (the others are too thin for my liking), pads, easy-opening Vim bathroom spray (I tested it in-store away from the aisle), and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE stickers for Nephew #3 sometime! Good thing I brought my wheeled bag for my planned purchases of ginger ale, toilet cleaner, and bleach since everything else added more heaviness! I couldn’t even avoid construction and detours at London Drugs due to elevator maintenance, forcing me to go into the parkade on the second floor past London Drugs! When I got home at 12:15 on a 401, I showered and had lunch before having MORE COFFEE TIME.

Big Clorox bleach bottle: almost four litres!

Vim bathroom spray!

Canada Dry ginger ale: 6 x 710mL bottles!

Sponge Towels Choose-A-Size six-pack! 72 towels!

Waterbridge Cookie Barrel: Assorted tea biscuits!

Waterbridge Cookie Barrel: Assorted cream biscuits!

Kinder Bueno hazelnut chocolate bars x3!

Kinder hazelnut chocolate mini-eggs for Easter!

Lindt Gold dark chocolate Easter bunny!

Lindt Gold milk chocolate Easter bunny!

Lindt Gold white chocolate Easter bunny!

Lindt Gold hazelnut chocolate Easter bunny!

From Julie: Nalianna?!

From Julie: Shemeika?!

From Julie: Shakira?!

From Julie: Ka’Leah?!

From Julie: Machelle and a guy named Lynn?! I know Lynn was originally a guy’s name, so whatever… but MACHELLE is BAD SPELLING for Michelle, and makes me think of a machete!

From Julie: Davaughn pronounced as DUH-VONN?! I would try to avoid “Duh” in the name myself. It’s the black version of Devon!

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