Frank’s Red Hot and MORE Campbell’s Everyday Gourmet soups! / Frosted Flakes!

Barry picked me up at 1 and we went banking and to Price Smart. I got bananas, Earth’s Own oat milk to try with my oatmeal, NEW limited-edition on-sale Olympic Dairy apple cinnamon yogurt, on-sale Olympic Dairy French Vanilla yogurt, lots of GOOD TASTE and JOY dumplings x5, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce (Extra Hot cayenne pepper sauce), on-sale Colgate Total Advanced Health Whitening toothpaste, on-sale Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair lotion with a blue pump (not bad to open – but also sticky?!), NEW Western Family prune nectar (way easier to open than the Welch’s bottles!), Vedan spicy mushroom cuttlefish noodles, Gatorade blueberry-pomegranate bottles x6, on-sale canned pink salmon, Stouffer’s Sauté Sensations microwaveable meals for the night before the May 8 eye surgery (Homestyle Roast Chicken / Country Beef Pot Roast), spicy Takis Fuego snacks, and on-sale Western Family mushrooms x2.

Also bought NEW A-Sha Dry Noodles in Extra Spicy Sauce flavor with ghost pepper, Ibumie noodles (Penang white curry!), on-sale Uncle Ben’s Bistro Express rice x3 (Cilantro Lime / Southwest Style / Mushroom Long Grain Wild), NEW on-sale Campbell’s Everyday Gourmet soup boxes x5 (Roasted Potato and Spring Leek / Thai Tomato and Coconut / Tomato Basil Bisque / Red Pepper and Black Bean / Sweet Potato and Tomatillo), Campbell’s Golden Mushroom soup (fancy!), Campbell’s Cremini and Shiitake Mushroom soup (doubly fancy!), on-sale Nissin noodles x2 (beef / sesame oil), NEW on-sale Becel avocado oil margarine which expires on June 2, NEW Maggi Letup Curry Kari Cili Api noodles, Western Family mushroom soup, and Dentyne Ice spearmint gum x3. The Canucks played Arizona at 7 tonight, and lost 3-2 in overtime.

PRODUCT WARNING: This NEW Vaseline Advanced Repair lotion IS sticky even when a tiny bit is applied! YUCK… BANNED FROM MY APARTMENT! Good thing I still have my Jergen’s Soothing Aloe and backup Vaseline cocoa butter / Vaseline aloe vera lotions!


From Julie M. and Svengoolie: “I’m telling you for the last time, I don’t want any Frosted Flakes!” “But they’re grrreat!”

NEW Becel avocado oil margarine!

Shredded spicy pig ears!

BBQ cold, some sort of innards…

Duck gizzards and duck livers!

Gatorade blueberry-pomegranate drink!

Western Family mushroom soup!

Campbell’s Golden Mushroom soup!

Campbell’s Cremini and Shiitake Mushroom soup!

Campbell’s Everyday Gourmet Asparagus with Spring Basil soup!

Campbell’s Everyday Gourmet Red Pepper and Black Bean soup!

Campbell’s Everyday Gourmet Roasted Potato and Spring Leek soup!

Campbell’s Everyday Gourmet Sweet Potato and Tomatillo soup!

Campbell’s Everyday Gourmet Thai Tomato and Coconut soup!

Campbell’s Everyday Gourmet Tomato Basil Bisque soup!

Western Family canned pink salmon!

Western Family prune nectar… easier to open than Welch’s!

Limited edition Olympic Dairy apple-cinnamon yogurt – YAY!

Olympic Dairy Krema vanilla yogurt… YAY!

Olympic Krema passion fruit yogurt – YAY!

Olympic Dairy lemon yogurt – YAY!

Olympic Krema plain yogurt – YAY!

Olympic Krema lemon passion yogurt – YAY!

Olympic Dairy Greek Raspberry-Cranberry yogurt… YAY!

Olympic Dairy Greek Pear Chai yogurt… YAY!

Colgate Total Advanced Health Whitening toothpaste!

Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair lotion, 600 mL in the white bottle with a blue pump!

Maggi’s Letup Curry Kari Cili Api noodles!

A-Sha Mandarin noodles: Extra Spicy Sauce!

A-Sha Mandarin noodles: Original flavor!

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce: 354 ml of Extra Hot Cayenne Pepper!

Dentyne Ice spearmint gum: 60 pieces!

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