2018 Yearly Recap! / My LJ in 2018 from NEWS!

Courtesy of LJ NEWS:

Glowing_Dragon: You blog is content workshop! THIS YEAR in 2018: 478 Entries Posted. 361 Comments and Likes Received.



* Got together with Chrystal for a belated holiday hangout. We went to Pho Extreme Xe Lua, and I offloaded at least 10 pounds of Christmas goodies onto her! HA! [Jan. 5]

* Eric M. came over to try figuring out my computer microphone issues. We ended up going to Best Buy at Lansdowne to get a new Insignia computer microphone – in and out in five minutes! [Jan. 13]

* I got the flu from Hiero – I even had to check things out at the ER! [Jan. 20]


* Jimmy acted like a turd again by stonewalling me when I asked a question to clarify whether he would indeed keep me safe, so I’m not surprised that I didn’t want to communicate with him right then! [Feb. 12]

* Discovered MORE FUCKING MICE! [Feb. 17]

* Blocked Tommy because he thought I was being a judgmental hypocritical sexist bitch, AND he never seems to understand why he upsets Jimmy or Helen for that matter! [Feb. 28]


* Saw Ayler and Hiero again for the first time in a while! Hiero’s wisdom: “If you eat a people, you will go to jail for a long time, and so will your parents!” Okay, then! [Mar. 1]

* Finally started another playthrough of MOTHER 3, the first since April 2014! [Mar. 18]

* Celebrated Harmony’s birthday at So Hyang Korean Restaurant. Beef bulgogi, rice, spicy kimchi, nephew silliness, and more! [Mar. 26]

* Went to Mom and Dad’s for a Thursday Easter dinner with turkey: sure, Ayler, let’s weigh the furniture on the scale! [Mar. 29]


* Got together with Chrystal for dinner at Sushi California: I had a sushi roll with pumpkin, and a “Russian Roulette” sushi roll with banana pepper! [Apr. 6]

* The computer monitor blinked out as I was typing a status! [Apr. 23]

* Eric came by to fix the computer monitor situation – he unplugged the monitor and plugged it back in again. [Apr. 24]


* Had to go out for Mom’s birthday at Golden Spring Restaurant – very near the old VCEFC – and had to see Auntie Teresa again. At least it was okay to see Auntie Eva again! [May 13]

* Andrew M. and I hashed out a $300 payment arrangement for a newer computer for me. [May 18]

* Had Ayler’s sixth birthday party at Mount Pleasant Park with Harmony’s parents, Myles, Brittney, baby Naomi, Peter, Holly, Everett, and Evander. That was fun! [May 20]

* Had homemade Thai food at Jeremy’s for a Monday dinner with Jeremy, white Eric, Chinese Eric, Jesse, Trish, Kevin, Randal, Christon, Evan, Anna, Alice, Jon, and Fred. [May 21]

* Nephew #5 (Beckett) was born! Also, I finally got a spot for counselling and a program at The Caring Place with Rachel later that afternoon! [May 29]


* Got together with white Eric, Chinese Eric, Jeremy, Christon, Jon, and Randal at Jeremy’s place to watch a Washington Capitals-Las Vegas Golden Knights playoff game. I brought chips, since I wasn’t going to waste my Mike’s Hard Root Beer on some people like Randal specifically! 😛 [June 3]

* Andrew M. came here to grab the old computer so he could figure stuff out for my newer one! [June 22]

* I finally met baby Beckett for the first time! It was good to hold him and let him get used to me as a new face! [June 23]

* Andrew M. came here to install the newer Windows 7 machine, saving me from computerless doom! [June 27]


* My monitor blinked out AGAIN overnight, so I called white Eric about it. Later, I met up with Chrystal for dinner at Chipotle on Broadway: Steak burrito in a bowl was my choice! [July 6]

* Eric came by at 11 AM to fix the computer monitor situation and take away my old hard drives and old monitor for electronics recycling. [July 7]

* Had lunch with Mom and Dad at Dinesty Dumpling House, after they gifted me a floor lamp and other stuff. Then I had a poop accident, just when Jimmy wanted to “have fun,” but that couldn’t be helped! Later that night, Jimmy did the ultimate anger act and blocked me because he thought I was taking too long to respond to his flirty messages. I was NOT impressed with his temper because I said I was taking a 20-minute break! The more you talk, the less I can concentrate! [July 9]

* Jimmy “apologized” to say that he’d blocked everyone – why 2500 people, though? [July 15]

* Went to Wo’s for Dad’s 69th birthday. [July 22]

* The monitor blinked out AGAIN, so I called Eric to say that he might as well bring over the BENQ computer monitor from his dad as a backup. He came over at 8:25 PM, and things were all good again. The “new” monitor was tinier, but probably better for my eyesight! [July 23]

* Had a preventative cataract surgery consultation on Burrard, then I got Taki’s Fuego / Taki’s Angry Burger / Taki’s Crunchy Fajitas / Taki’s Xplosion snacks from Safeway before helping the kids at skating lessons. I also got to hold baby Beckett for a while, who was content while listening to Curtis play piano and listening to me read, but wasn’t almost as soon as Jon’s music student Curtis left! [July 26]

* My NEW GLASSES (without nose bridges) were ready at FYI Doctors, so I picked them up! Had another poop accident later on, along with surprise redrum. UGH! [July 27]

* Got two pairs of Champs shorts for the price of one at Richmond Centre! WOO! [July 28]

* Did the needful thing and blocked Jimmy for now. Too many exhausting issues there! [July 30]


* Jon dropped off his and Harmony’s old HP printer at my place by 8:45 AM. [Aug. 2]

* Andrew M. dropped by at 10:25 PM to pick up his last $50 of the $300 payment for the new computer build. He also dropped off the free newer muted pink computer chair, and I only had to clean the grease stain by rubbing Original Palmolive on it with a washcloth, which I guess is now my new rag. [Aug. 13]

* Decided to unblock Jimmy. I was surprised when I got a reply to a conciliatory message within one minute, but we seemed to resolve things… [Aug. 15]

* Hung out with white Eric and Chinese Eric for the latter’s birthday at Boston Pizza. We watched a BC Lions game at around 1. [Aug. 18]


* Vanessa and baby C treated me out for an early birthday lunch at Pho 37 in Ironwood! [Sept. 4]

* Baby Beckett’s 100-day baby banquet at Golden Spring Restaurant! [Sept. 9]

* Auntie Catherine treated me out for Pepper Lunch for my actual birthday! Later on, I actually got to pick the restaurant (Nando’s on West 41st!) for my family birthday dinner! [Sept. 17]

* Andrew M. came over to swap out the computer case for one that fit better, but I somehow had router problems afterwards where Shaw would not connect to the Internet! My 42nd birthday celebration with friends at Felico’s was later on – GREEK FOOD! Traditional lamb dinner with Chinese Eric, white Eric, and Jeremy! Eric had unplugged the router beforehand, and it luckily worked (with the exception of one brief blip) when he plugged it back in later! [Sept. 23]

* Had an eyeball ultrasound downtown at St. Paul’s Hospital, but Mom and Dad’s idea of a “ride” did not impress me! If I wanted to transit there from Oakridge, I’d have simply left my house an hour and a half later and potentially gotten lost myself, WITHOUT remarks about how I needed to “get over” the escalator thing! UGH! I later treated myself to some beef internal noodles at Yaohan before going home and talking to Jimmy, Discord, and others! [Sept. 27]

* Had dinner with Chrystal since she got totally lost on Sunday – we went to the Cactus Club on Broadway and Ash. I had Cactus Club’s NEW Tuna Poke Bowl: Sesame ginger Ocean Wise™ ahi tuna, jasmine rice, mango, cucumber, avocado, edamame, radish, and crispy tempura! Hawaiian taste, indeed! She had Cactus Club Baja fish tacos: Beer battered Ocean Wise™ cod, shredded cabbage, chipotle aioli, fire-roasted tomato salsa, pickled radish / onions / jalapenos, and sea salted fries! [Sept. 28]

* Dinner with Frances C. at Pho Lan in Richmond… it was good, but I had my guard up for Ellen’s sake anyway! (#8 – rare steak, flank, tendon, and tripe) [Sept. 30]


* Had a Thanksgiving dinner with the family and Randal. We got to FaceTime with Steph, which is easily the most screen time the boys would be allowed all year! I finally also saw baby Beckett (Harmony baby-wearing him does NOT count!) for the first time since August. He actually smiled at me! [Oct. 7]

* Discovered that Jimmy blocked me AGAIN, this time for no discernible reason! (I had been “having fun” in a reasonably back-and-forth conversation with no real CAPS LOCK to speak of, and hadn’t posted anything inflammatory / racist / sexist / bigoted anywhere on Facebook…) UGH! Later, I spent more time with my nephews! I got to spend time alone with Ayler (but had to read HIS easy reader to him) while Harmony and the baby picked Hiero up from preschool, which went fine. Hiero wanted me to read to him, and baby Beckett vocalized and screamed at me like he wanted to talk! [Oct. 10]

* Had an eyeball ultrasound followup, which was just more vision tests / paperwork / subsequent November appointments. UGH! At least I got Barry to give me a ride to both appointments, even if I did have to reschedule one when I got home! [Oct. 19]


* Barry drove me to the UBC Eye Care Centre so I could get measurements and scans done of my right eye. [Nov. 15]

* Had Jon’s annual birthday Sunday Dinner at Jeremy’s: Mexican food this time! Ayler didn’t let me into the building, which was bad because it was actually freezing outside! Luckily, Jereny’s neighbors came out a few minutes afterwards and obviously saw me trying to get inside! Turns out Ayler said “hello” and then left the phone off the hook! [Nov. 18]

* I finally got an eye surgery date: January 10, 2019! [Nov. 27]

* Barry drove me to Dr. Wise’s office yet again (for the third time) and we had to wait for 45 minutes! I did get good news: I’ll apparently only need reading glasses afterwards, and not be nearsighted! Yes, I’ll need another eye surgery later on to make the vision in BOTH my eyes match, but I can worry about that later! When I got home, I found out that Jimmy had blocked me for his own reasons, stating that Tommy had found this blog, among other things. I knew his reasons, but I hadn’t been impressed with his lack of communication over the past week. I SHOULD HAVE BLOCKED HIM FIRST IN THE MORNING OVER HIS DISTANCE AND NON-COMMUNICATION! [Nov. 29]


* Went to VCEFC for the first time in years so I could make it to Beckett’s baby dedication service. It was good to see certain people for sure, especially Pastor Dan and Deb! [Dec. 9]

* Got together with Chrystal for dinner at Pho Extreme Xe Lua, our usual place! NO SNOW! [Dec. 21]

* Went to Jon and Harmony’s for a Christmas dinner while Mom and Dad are in Cuba and visiting Steph and Lisa. We had a WhatsApp call with Steph, Lisa, and Fraser! [Dec. 25]

* Chinese Eric came out for our last hockey hangout of the year, before my eye surgery! The Canucks played the Oilers, and won 4-2! Pilsner and Bassili’s Best shepherd’s pie, oh my! [Dec. 27]

* Had to get together with the parents and get a cellphone at Wireless Wave in Richmond Centre. What on earth?! Oh well, it’s my first one, so whatever! [Dec. 30]

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