On-sale SunRype juice: apple, Concord Grape, wildberry, pineapple, and more!

I realized that I was definitely running low on juice: wait, the last time I bought them was in late April?! Luckily, I stumbled onto a fortuitous sale on one-litre SunRype juices at London Drugs, so I went there at 7:55 on a 401 in the slightly rainy weather with my WHEELED BAG. I got back at 8:35 on a 407 with on-sale SunRype juice x13: peach-mango, apple, raspberry-mango, blackberry-pomegranate, apple-orange-peach x2, strawberry-kiwi x2, Concord Grape x2, and wildberry x2… more than half-off if buying 10 or more! What a consumer whore I am! I also somehow got away with paying only $13.58 for all that juice, despite it being $1.19 for each box (of 13) AND a 5-cent levy on each! Whatever – I’ll take it. 😀

Also, Massimo Raffanini tried adding me on Facebook – DENIED! Now I’m just talking to Jimmy as usual – woo!

SunRype Ambrosia apple juice!

SunRype apple juice!

SunRype apple-orange-peach juice!

SunRype Concord grape juice!

SunRype mango juice!

SunRype orange juice!

SunRype peach-mango juice!

SunRype pineapple juice!

SunRype pineapple-mango-guava juice!

SunRype raspberry-mango juice!

SunRype strawberry-kiwi juice!

SunRype wildberry juice!

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