Andrew and chairs! / Jimmy and arguing! / Helping with my three nephews!

Yesterday at 5:55 PM, Andrew M. called me unexpectedly to ask if I was still looking for a computer chair. I said yes, and he said that there was a free and clean green one at 730 Cambie in Richmond, but it seemed like it may need a bit of vacuuming. He couldn’t get it into his work truck, so he recommended that I get someone with a small car or a truck to load it in there. Then he called me back a few minutes later to say that they managed to find a way to get the chair into the work truck, so it would be going home with him after work (that’s fair – I wasn’t expecting him to drive to Richmond after work!), and he’d deliver it to me next time he was over here. As he said, the price was right! Haha!

I realized today that Jimmy doesn’t know how to have what I would call a productive argument. (not that I’m an expert, but…) He told me not to talk over him – how do you do that in an online conversation? – and told me to calm down when I was perfectly calm. I wasn’t even using his dreaded CAPS LOCK or “hostile” exclamation marks! He also told me months ago that some limits were meant to be pushed – no, they aren’t. At least, not in that way! I don’t think he would have been convinced to STOP AND THINK by a mention of Punishment Day on the 13th on Tuesday night! It was interesting with ice and toothpaste for him, but I don’t think things were healthy when he tried treating me like a child. “What did we say about X?!” NO, JUST NO!

After COFFEE TIME today, I left at 2 on a 407 in the hot weather to make it to Jon’s at 2:30 or so. I made it by 2:35, whereupon Ayler and Hiero were happy to see me, and asked if I’d brought chocolate. I said no, because it was too hot outside and it might melt. They relayed that to Harmony, who told me that we had to leave again soon. I was surprised, and asked where we were going – no, Jon didn’t tell me. I was fine with going to the skating rink, though. After the kids offered me some watermelon juice, I spilled it from the blender. “If you break it, you have to fix it!” they said. Yes, that would be why I was wiping the mess up from the table! (but I told them later that some things could not be fixed)

It took a while to load everyone in the van, especially with the kids asking questions. Sunset looked like your typical skating rink, and I was fine to help with socks / helmets / winter jackets / other gear. Harmony took care of the skates, though – phew! I told her about the skating lesson accident I had when I was a kid, and had to go to Richmond Hospital from Minoru Arena. After that, the kids definitely fought and had a meltdown for ten minutes before we could finally go home for dinner and showing the place to Nadine from Abbotsford! (and the kids asked her a bunch of questions about the distance from the house to Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Abbotsford – no, walking to those places from the house is not very feasible!)

We had lasagna, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, and watermelon ice for dinner. Hiero wanted to show off baby Beckett (who held my finger for a while) to Jon’s violin student Pius, so he was able to do that after the lesson. Earlier, Beckett was fussy because of tummy time in his crib, so I went in there to talk to him. I figured that he now looks like a hybrid of baby Jon and baby Steph, and his eyes were open more now. Hiero noticed this, so Harmony said that he wanted to explore our world and look at everything, and encouraged Hiero to show stuff to him. Hiero: “These are my eyes! This is my nose! This is my mouth! And this is the vagina in my body!” HAHAHAHA!

He actually asked why Jacqueline from SERVANTS was a girl, told me that he’d gone to San Francisco “a few days ago” (but Harmony says that his perception of time is off), and said that he was still going to the preschool next year. Harmony is helping with field trips, so that should be fun. I didn’t mind doing the dishes after some train time, and left at 7:15. The 49 was out of service, and a lady driver overheard me discussing the bus situation with another person at the bus stop. Apparently, it was still bumper-to-bumper traffic from a semi-truck flipping over on the Knight Street Bridge earlier today, closing the entire bridge. I elected to walk in the heat to Langara Station, musing that the air con would actually be NICE, like the cold ice rink was earlier! I actually got home at 7:45 on a 407, which was re-routed according to the bus announcements. Then I vented to Vanessa and Lena later, as Helen Y. has short answers and is busy herself. Even though the timestamp on this entry is way later than it could have been, at least I haven’t been distracted HAVING to answer impatient messages!

From Reddit and r/funny: Dinosaur computer chairs in Japan!

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