Banana pepper sushi and pumpkin sushi with Chrystal at Sushi California!

After COFFEE TIME, I left at 7:05 to meet Chrystal at the Broadway London Drugs at 7:30. Of course I had her birthday card, the Lindt Strawberry Excellence chocolate bar, the President’s Choice Easter eggs, assorted teas, and the Lindt Ecuador chocolate bar! I was delayed because a group of 200 teens had made a train go out of service because they held the train doors open too much. WHAT THE HELL?! Finally got there at 7:55, and successfully “forced” my stuff on Chrystal, but this is definitely the last one. I have to respect her wishes of not wanting any more of my stuff, after all. We went to Sushi California, where I had a Russian Roulette sushi roll with BANANA PEPPERS (Chrystal cringed as I ate a piece!) and a sushi roll with pumpkin!

I updated her on Ayler wanting to weigh the furniture (the very light stuff), and she updated me on her becoming an aunt again in May. (Emily is pregnant again!) Ethan knows that he will have a brother, and is excited. Chrystal and I talked about her and Vivian wanting to go to New Zealand and Australia, Mike’s parents going separately to Hong Kong, my parents moving to Burnaby, and her dad not being ready to leave downtown at 8:55 to meet her at No Frills. I was home at 9:30, thanks to JUST managing to get the 407 at Brighouse! Now it’s time to relax and “have fun” with Jimmy after complaining about scavenger hunts and teenage shenanigans, haha.

My sister hates reading, haha. “Yay! Reading!” Steph once followed me around the Richmond library counting down the seconds in the five minutes left to us until Mom said we had to leave!

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