Creepy Easter Bunnies 40 and 41! / Turkey! / Bad hugs on steps!

After COFFEE TIME, I left at 3:25 on a 401 to meet Dad at King Edward Station. Once I got to Mom and Dad’s, the kids were busy with some “wet tattoo” stickers on Easter eggs, but I got to read some Gruffalo books to Hiero (who sat in my lap) later on. Ayler held my hand and wanted me to weigh myself on the bathroom scale – I weighed less than I thought, anyway! He’s 42.2 pounds, and seemed to like the scale being on E for whatever reason. We had turkey, yams, gravy, stuffing, pomelos, and Brussels sprouts fried in bacon oil for dinner. I didn’t care if Mom and Dad had double-booked themselves for dinner, either. Talked about Auntie Grace and Uncle George going to Toronto because Dave and Tiffany are having another kid, Harmony and Jon going to Victoria tomorrow on the ferry with her family, Ayler pressing microwave buttons and putting plastic in his mouth, turning off the various lights, plugging the toilet, and stopping the car on the way to Oakridge Station because of too much noise.

I saw two people hugging each other at Brighouse Station. YOU CAN PICK A BETTER LOCATION THAN THE TOP OF THE STAIRS, COME ON NOW! When I got home at 7 on a 407 (just managing to get the bus!), I saw I had a Youtube comment saying that this person wishes I hadn’t mentioned a turkey dinner because it’s disrespectful to her as a vegetarian. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT, SO FUCK OFF! Even another vegetarian said that comment was a bit much! The Canucks played Edmonton at 7 tonight, and won 2-1.

Random stuff from Mom and Dad: a small ceramic pan, an apron, various Easter candy, and leftovers x2!

From Someecards: Creepy Easter Bunny 40!

From Someecards: Creepy Easter Bunny 41!

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