Chrystal and a belated Christmas hangout with at least 10 pounds of goodies!

Before COFFEE TIME at noon, I called Chrystal at 11:55 at work to confirm that we were still on for tonight at 7:30. After MORE COFFEE TIME at 5:30, I left at 6:55 in order to meet Chrystal at the Broadway London Drugs at 7:30 in the rain. I had the Ziploc bag full of Canadian maple syrup candies / Gusto Caffé candies / Mastic mints, the scary Halloween candy (ScAero / Scaries / Coffin Crisp / Ghostly Kit-Kat), her Christmas card, a LOT of extra candy, hot chocolate, and her Crème de Pirouline dark chocolate artisan rolled wafers. That grew so out of control that I had to get a spare tote bag for everything instead of a mere light plastic bag! It was pretty heavy, but I managed! Chrystal got there at 7:45 and tried telling me that she really couldn’t take all of that, but I managed to convince her with the power of an NG LOOK before we went to Pho Extreme!

She thanked me profusely (saying I was very generous) and was amazed at how I’d managed to take all that from home. Eh, it was only a half hour’s trip at most, and I made liberal use of the ground / floor to rest it on, haha! (and the wheeled basket once I got into the store) We talked about the holidays, hot pot, Emily / Mike / Ethan / Melia / Angus / Owen / Mackenzie / Ayler (who wants to spend more time with me!) / Hiero / Fraser / Henry, toddler quirkiness, saying “fuck” for “fork,” the siblings fighting, the photos of the kids which I’d brought along, Yaohan / Big Crazy, paying cash, steak / tripe / spicy things, sharing all her goodies with people, plans for the year, floods, her admin work being less busy these days, rides being a good thing, and spam emails. I got home at 9:25 on a 407, which is about the time I was expecting. Good to catch up and unload a bunch of stuff, for sure! Now someone is asking me what tripe tastes like – I DON’T KNOW! It’s just tripe to me – very chewy, of course.

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