2017 Yearly Recap!



* Finally got a CHIMO / Family Services phone intake done with Jocelyn, then finally finished JONBOUND. [Jan. 6]

* I created a Discord account for whatever reason, probably to talk to Lucas and his weird friends, plus Kramer and his Twitch stream friends. [Jan. 7]

* Finished replaying HALLOW’S END on Turbo Mode. [Jan. 11]

* Unfortunately, I had to get the passport stuff done with my parents. [Jan. 12]

* Visited Vanessa in the hospital after her surgery. [Jan. 13]

* Hiero’s third birthday party! Ayler told me that he needed to take more nachos. Sure, why not? [Jan. 22]

* I got my ten-year passport through registered mail! [Jan. 25]

* Finally finished the very difficult MOTHER 2 DELUXE, and started FINAL FANTASY VI: ETERNAL CRYSTALS. [Jan. 28]


* More killer snow! [Feb. 3]


* Watched ALADDIN via Discord. Steph finally got back to us and said we should go to Shanghai Wonderful for the SLB meal that I wanted to organize. [Feb. 5]

* Went to Shanghai Wonderful for Steph’s farewell lunch with Eric M., Lisa, Steph, Fraser, Eunice, and Eddie! Fraser took my hand when I went after him walking off! [Feb. 18]

* Steph’s farewell and birthday dinner! Fraser actually called me something: “A-ma!” [Feb. 19]

* Had a toilet emergency! NO MORE AROI CURRY NOODLES! [Feb. 24]

* Everyone was fucking LATE for a Wo’s Restaurant dinner, so of course I went home! [Feb. 27]


* A final chance to see Steph, Lisa, and Fraser at #9 Restaurant at Lansdowne for breakfast on the day they flew out to Ontario! [Mar. 2]

* Barry and I went to CHIMO with my tax forms. [Mar. 8]

* Went to Jon and Harmony’s: A birthday dinner for Harmony! [Mar. 19]

* Went to the Cannibal Café with the family: Ayler definitely noticed a bunch of numbers on the TV! [Mar. 22]

* Caught up with Elaine Marr White by phone! [Mar. 27]


* Went to Vanessa’s double birthday party at Anton’s. I saw Jason again, and met Wayne / Jen / Elizabeth / her ex Chad. [Apr. 15]


* Finally finished FINAL FANTASY VI: THE ETERNAL CRYSTALS. That took four and a half MONTHS! The next game up was EARTHBOUND: TENTH ANNIVERSARY HACK. [May 5]

* Steph was in town for some weird reason, so we had to go to Wo’s for dinner. At least I got to see Fraser! [May 8]

* Finished the short EARTHBOUND: TENTH ANNIVERSARY HACK! [May 10]


* Went to the lards’ for lunch only because I could see Fraser when he was actually awake. He did call me “A-ma” a lot! [May 12]

* Had to go to my third family dinner in a calendar week, this time to “celebrate” Mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day. Ayler said I had to stay longer, but it was his bedtime PLUS it was torrential rain outside, so NO!

* FINALLY GOT A NEW COMPUTER MOUSE! (a new plug-and-play Logitech M100 optical mouse) It’s FREE of Mike’s taint! [May 23]

* FINALLY GOT A NEW COMPUTER KEYBOARD! (a black Microsoft Wired 600 keyboard) It’s FREE of Mike’s taint, and is quieter and much lighter too! [May 24]

* I went to briefly see Ayler for his birthday on my own terms! [May 26]

* Eric M. came by so he could fix my inadvertently unplugged computer speakers! YAY! [May 28]


* Went to Jeremy’s for a Jacob’s Well fundraiser dinner. [June 4]

* I finally got together with Chrystal for dinner! She definitely appreciated the Rose and Robin solid chocolate 200g Easter bunny, the giant Dreamworks Trolls milk chocolate heart, the two Christmas Mix packs of Coconut / Red Apple / Very Cherry / Green Apple Jelly Belly jellybeans, the carrot cake Hershey’s Kisses, the Ziploc bag full of Hershey’s Eggies / Lindt milk chocolate Easter eggs / Lindt white chocolate Easter eggs / Lindt dark chocolate Easter eggs / Brookside Merlot Blackcurrant and Brookside Chardonnay Grape Peach chocolates, and her very belated birthday card! [June 9]

* FINALLY HUNG OUT WITH ERIC HO! We saw the Pittsburgh Penguins win the Stanley Cup! [June 11]

* I finally finished SUPER MARIO FANTASY ADVENTURE, then started FINAL FANTASY V SPOOF the same night. [June 13]

* Met up with Teunis briefly at the Richmond Centre food court / Dining Terrace to return a Christmas-themed envelope with Teunis’s name on it, plus a Percy Jackson and Olympians: The Lightning Thief DVD box, which I’d found on June 16. [June 21]


* For Canada’s 150th birthday and sesquicentennial, I got to see Steveston Village and the Steveston Salmon Festival on my own terms, unlike 2014 with Mike! I explored the Village, checked out Super Grocer / a live band / the community centre, and walked for a few long blocks and back! [July 1]

* I FINALLY GOT A NEW FRIDGE AND FREEZER FROM MOFFAT APPLIANCES! The old White-Westinghouse one was from the 80s, man! [July 12]

* Nephew #4 (Henry) was born! [July 18]


* Helped out with Ayler and Hiero three times this month, once because I lost my Compass Card at Kids Physio and wanted to get it back! [Aug. 16 / 23 / 30]

* Tommy was being extremely defensive over a supercilious and manipulative “friend” of his named Jen. Helen Y. and Jimmy had my back, though! [Aug. 17]


* Went to Jeremy’s to celebrate white Eric’s 36th birthday with a Sunday Dinner! [Sept. 3]

* Jon was manipulative as fuck using the kids as a tool. [Sept. 8]

* Went to IHOP / Denny’s for dinner with Vanessa and Wayne. I had some country fried steak with sausage gravy, broccoli, and toast! [Sept. 10]

* Went to White Spot for a birthday dinner with the parents. I had the red curried quinoa, but didn’t really feel like much because the Canucks had just lost 9-4 to Las Vegas. [Sept. 17]

* I bought 11.3 kg of frozen food, including all four kinds of JOY dumplings and all five kinds of GOOD TASTE dumplings! Thank goodness for my wheeled luggage bag! [Sept. 21]

* Went to MEGA SUSHI in Steveston for my “friends” birthday dinner with Vanessa (who came over for a bit beforehand to chill), Eric M., Laurie E., and Christon! [Sept. 24]

* Got a COLD right after the MEGA SUSHI dinner! [Sept. 25]


* Went to Jeremy’s for his and Christon’s joint birthday dinner / Sunday dinner. It was a SURPRISE to see ERIC HO and FRED! [Oct. 1]

* Chrystal treated me for a belated birthday dinner on Friday the 13th! We went to Original Joe’s, where I had the Steak and Salmon Bites, and I struck up a brief chat with a fellow Bo Horvat fan! [Oct. 13]

* Finally finished FINAL FANTASY V SPOOF! [Oct. 18]


* Met up with Auntie Catherine for a very belated birthday lunch at Shaolin Noodle House. No, I did not sign up for religious talk! Also bumped into Auntie Cathy after leaving the Book Warehouse. [Nov. 3]

* Met up with John Powell and Eve May while they were in town! We went to the Shark Club – SO FUCKING LOUD! I ended up getting home at 1:55 AM, just before the time change [Nov. 4]

* There was a dinner at Wo’s Restaurant with Mom, Dad, Steph, Lisa, Fraser, and baby Henry at 5:15. So good to see them and meet the baby! [Nov. 10]

* There was a lunch at Pizzeria Barbarella on Broadway with Mom, Dad, Steph, Lisa, Fraser, baby Henry, Jon, Harmony, Ayler, and Hiero! I got to read a McDonalds book about dragons and tea to Fraser, then played with the kids. [Nov. 11]

* Another dinner at Wo’s Restaurant with Mom, Dad, Jon, Harmony, Ayler, Hiero, Kevin, Christon, Jeremy, Jesse, Trish, and Caleb! Smuggled beer! [Nov. 12]

* A last-minute dinner at Kwong Chow with Mom, Dad, Jon, Harmony, Ayler, Hiero, Steph, and baby Henry! Ayler and Hiero showed way more interest in baby Henry than Mom and Dad did. I took Steph up on her offer for bonus nephew time at their AirBnB. VEGGIE TALES AND BABY SMILES! [Nov. 15]

* Baby Henry’s 100-Dayish banquet at Western Lake Dim Sum Restaurant! It was good to see Chelsea and others! [Nov. 19]

* Learned that Jimmy was being a turd and promptly decided to give myself space from him. [Nov. 29]

* Watched Ayler and Hiero while they had dinner and snack time. They wanted me to draw a sad person in jail… what do they learn at school?! [Nov. 30]


* Went to Jeremy’s for Jon’s annual birthday dinner. [Dec. 2]

* Chinese Eric finally came over to watch some hockey: WINTER CLASSIC NHL 100TH ANNIVERSARY GAME! Ottawa Senators won 3-0 over the Montreal Canadiens!

* Had a family Christmas dinner – Randal joined us, but I guess I’m okay with that. Hiero banged away on the piano, and his “manuscript” was a blank memo pad. If it works, it works! [Dec. 25]

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