Wine, Ninja Wolf, Blaine Higdon, Dorgann, Lawrence Zureaud, Galuf Raise The Roof

“Your Wine is Cabernet”

You are a resilient and successful person. You have a lot of willpower, and you are more resistant to stress than most people.
You truly appreciate the finer things in life. You are always on a hunt for the best; second place is a disappointment.

You have a strong sense of self, but it’s not off-putting. You are well-mannered and can engage anyone.
You could have been very successful taking the traditional route in life, but instead, you’ve chosen to forge your own path.

Galuf in Tzepish’s Castle: “I call out to you… Yog-Sothoth! Master of all that is dark and unholy!!” Bartz: “GALUF?!”

Ninja Wolf to Happy Wolf, Grumpy Wolf, Dopey Wolf, and Doc Wolf: “Oh, I am certainly going to die now. I was a fool not to seek medical aid after losing both legs and five quarts of blood…”

Ninja Wolf to Galuf: “Death has claimed all my pupils… First, Blaine “BRING ON THE PAIN” Higdon, killed by Dorgann…”

Ninja Wolf to Galuf: “Then Dorgann “SEX ORGAN” Klauser, killed by you… And Lawrence “Z” Zureaud… also killed by you…”

Ninja Wolf to Galuf: “And now I am dying… Killed by Dorgann’s son…”

Ninja Wolf to Galuf: “You, Galuf “RAISE THE ROOF” Halm Baldesion, are the last of our ninja clan… you MUST live on, Galuf…”

Galuf: “I have my ways of cheating death, Sensei.”


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