Gau’s crazy father and the sidequest for manners and clothing from Jidoor!

I showered and did laundry today, a day earlier than I might have! However, I had to wipe a very watery bathroom floor with a mop and multiple (paper) towels, then had to do TWO loads of laundry on the THIRD floor, where one of the dryers was out of order! What stressful stramash! AIYA! I finally finished all the laundry just now at 7:30!

The FINAL FANTASY VI: THE ETERNAL CRYSTALS party (Gau, Sabin, Celes, and Strago) goes to visit the crazy old man. Aged Man: “Oh, hello again! Yep, you were tops!” Sabin: “That’s why we…”

Aged Man: “Quick! Fix that chair! Then you can use it to reach the roof.” Then the party leaves the house.

Outside the crazy old man’s house, Sabin says: “You don’t suppose… Gau, could this be your father?”

Gau says, “Uooo…”

Sabin says, “Come on, Gau. It’s true, right?” Gau says, “… Fffatherrr…?”

Sabin says, “Yes. This is definitely your father.”

Gau says, “……??? … Gau’s… father?! Oooogauooooo!”

Sabin says, “Right!! Let’s go tell your father the news!”

Sabin says, “He needs to know you’re his son!”

Sabin muses, “Just a minute… We can’t just go there with you looking like this.”

Sabin says, “I know! Let’s go to Jidoor and give you a makeover!”

The entire cast of characters (minus Biggs and Emperor Zemus) go to Jidoor. Setzer, Edgar, Terra, Locke, Sabin, Strago, and Celes are around Gau sitting at a table. Relm is standing well away from the action, while Shadow is taking the opportunity for a nap! Sabin says, “No, Gau! Don’t eat with your fingers!”

Gau responds, “Yaoooo…”

Sabin is trying to teach Gau about proper manners. “Don’t say YAOOOO when you mean YES!”

Gau replies, “Ho!”

Sabin: “……”

At the Jidoor clothing store, Terra asks: “How do you like these? Wait! What about those?” Setzer, Shadow, Celes, Gau, Sabin, Strago, and Relm are on one side of the counter with a worker rushing back and forth. Terra, Edgar, and Locke are on the other side.

Sabin then says, “Hm… oh well…”

Terra asks, “Did you say something?” Sabin says, “N… no! Nothing…” Terra replies, “… Uh huh…”

Celes says, “Which is it gonna be? Oh! This is nice… but… Do you think it becomes Gau?”

Sabin: “Well…” I like the GBA version: ” *mumble* Everything you liked… boy wouldn’t be able to move… ”

Celes says, “What?!” Sabin replies, “… Nothing…”

The assistant says, “What a jaunty hat!” Sabin says, “Not at…”

The assistant then says, “Wait a minute! Where’s the hat?” Sabin says, “……”

Sabin says, “This is it!” Gau asks, “Me go to funeral?” Sabin replies, “Perfect! Functional yet sporty! Done!”

Celes says, “I don’t think…”

Setzer says, “Phew! Completely lacking in fashion…” I like the GBA version: “Not an ounce of fashion sense among the lot of you…”

Setzer speaks to the assistant. “Excuse me, sir. Could you order some clothes like the ones I’m wearing?”

Sabin says, “Impossible! Setzer! How dare you think of sticking him in that kinda getup?!” I like the GBA version: “Setzer, no! We’re trying to make him look BETTER, not WORSE!”

The party eventually makes it back to the house, and are outside. Sabin says, “Okay, Gau? Now, any father’d be glad to have a son like you!” Gau replies, “Hooo…”

Inside, Mash gets the old man’s attention: “Excuse me, Sir.” Gau’s father replies, “Who in blazes are you? Oh! The repairman!”

Sabin says, “Sir… You… had a son, right? You with me?!”

The old man repeats. “… son?” Sabin replies, “Right. The truth is, he’s alive! Come here, Gau!”

Gau says, “Fffatherrr…”

The old man says, “What is this?! What’s with this ‘son’ business? I never had a son!” Then he turns his back to the party.

The old man continues: “But now that you mention it, I once had a terrible dream. In it, a demon-child was born!”

The old man remembers: “I grabbed the creature, and rushed off to the Veldt with it… It was crying like crazy when I arrived on the Veldt.”

Sabin manages to interject, “But, Sir…!”

The old man says, “I left the child there… And without looking back, I turned and started to run.”

Sabin says, “I’m trying to tell you…”

The old man faces the party once again to continue his story. “Suddenly, the crying stopped. I turned around and saw a frightful monster…”

The old man says, “Hideous! Still gives me the shakes.” Sabin is resigned: “I give up…”

The old man addresses Gau: “But you, young man, your parents must be proud of you! I still have dreams of that demon child…”

The old man says, “Frightening…”

Sabin replies, “Why, you old… He’s completely lost his mind! Gau, I’m gonna clobber him!!”

Sabin raises his fist, and Gau gets between him and his father. “Uwaooo… ooooo…” Then Gau sadly leaves the house, followed by the rest of the party.

Outside, Sabin says: “I… I’m sorry…”

Gau says, “Fffatherrr… alive… H… a… p… p… y…”


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