Bad Minoru Aquatic Centre parking! / Impossible recovery of 64,661 magic points!

I discovered that Daniel M. (sinsorium) had unfriended one account on Facebook, but not XENIA. That makes the untagging process easier! At 3:30, I went shopping at London Drugs (just managing to catch the 407) for a new plug-and-play Logitech M100 optical mouse (to hopefully solve the cursor-jumping and cursor-drifting problems / the laser precision problem), a blue MARTEX hand towel, a 12-pack of store brand AA alkaline batteries (which expire in May 2025) because my white phone in my room does not have Caller ID display anymore. Hopefully, I can get Barry to figure that out tomorrow! I last bought a new mouse on November 15, 2012… and now I don’t have to use a mouse that my ex Mike touched! WOOHOO! Next thing to buy: NEW KEYBOARD!

When I got home at 4:05 on a 407, I threw away a hanger because it was pink, then finally managed to locate the four USB ports located on the front of my computer tower for my mouse. I also talked briefly to Teresa about Tapestry Church and Gwyneth on Facebook Messenger, and I showered today.

A 12-pack of London Drugs AA alkaline batteries!

Plug-and-play Logitech M100 Optical Mouse!

Daniel Manning, AKA Sinsorium!

From The Focal Point: Here’s some VERY bad parking from January 2012 at the Minoru Aquatic Centre, right near where I live!

In MOTHER 2 DELUXE, Ness and Jeff make it to Moonside. Ness somehow recovers 64,661 PP (magic points) from eating a PSI Caramel, instead of only around 20! I bet this is a result of a weird cheat code I have for this game…


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