These are all the enemies I could find in FINAL FANTASY VI: THE ETERNAL CRYSTALS!

I know that this bestiary GameFAQs document helped me a lot; thank you! Also, this walkthrough by Djibriel helped a lot when I was stuck in the game. Here’s an amazing codes document. This is an enemy formation document / walkthrough. Here’s a game script! Found a good Dragon’s Den walkthrough which didn’t have atrocious English!

This is a good code document. YAY FOR MAGICITE!

F124-EDD8 gives you 99 of every item.

I used this Youtube playlist by LowBiasGaming as a walkthrough.



Narshe Security Checkpoint Path!

The FINAL FANTASY VI: THE ETERNAL CRYSTALS party is in Kefka’s Tower, where they have to split up to conquer the dungeon together. They need to step on the circled green button to open up the path for other people, as shown. Bonus: They get a Ribbon from that treasure chest!

Dummied Enemies!

Czar Dragon:


Alternate Umaro:

With the help of the below video, I was finally able to get past all the frustrating bridges and green guys!

Dwarfguard (Hi-Potion, Potion)

Grey Wolf (Potion)

Pantera (Hi-Potion, Potion)

Were-Rat (Potion)

Goblin (Potion)

Mist Dragon (Ether) [boss]

Spritzer (Potion)

Tritoch (with Biggs and Wedge at beginning of game)

Dwarf Leader (Mythril Knife, Hi-Potion) [boss]

Needler (Potion)

Sand Ray (Antidote)

Alacran (Potion)

Dark Wind (Potion)

Magitek Armor (Hi-Potion, Potion) [boss]

Adamantoise (Potion)

Foper (Remedy, Potion)

Hornet (Potion)

Ogre (Mythril Claws, Potion, Hi-Potion)

Goblin Captain (Buckler, Potion)

Nut Eater (Potion, Antidote)

Asp (Bandana, Potion)

Sabertooth (Hi-Potion, Potion, Gold Needle)

Cirpius (Potion, Antidote)

Ochu (Remedy, Potion)

Enkidu (Hi-Potion) [boss]

Gilgamesh 1 (Mythril Claws, Potion) [Mt. Koltz boss]

Nautiloid (Hi-Potion, Potion, Eye Drops)

Sahagin (Mythril Claws, Potion)

Lesser Dragon (Main Gauche, Mythril Knife, Hi-Potion)

Ultros 1 [boss 1; Lethe River]

Red Goblin (Potion)

Wild Rat (Potion)

Rinn (Mog’s Cave; failing to follow the stars properly in Terra / Edgar / Banon’s Scenario)

Dark Side (Mog’s Cave; failing to follow the stars properly in Terra / Edgar / Banon’s Scenario)

Apparition (Mog’s Cave; failing to follow the stars properly in Terra / Edgar / Banon’s Scenario)

Hedgehog (Hi-Potion, Potion)

Crazy Horse (Hi-Potion, Eye Drops)

Stray Cat (Hi-Potion, Potion)

CrassHoppr (Antidote, Hi-Potion)

Soldier (Potion, Hi-Potion)

Leader (Phoenix Down, Black Belt)

Doberman (Imperial Camp; after you kick a box in a tent to get a Star Pendant)

Kefka at Imperial Camp [boss 1]

Satellite (X-Potion, Green Beret)

Templar (Potion, Hi-Potion)

Grunt (Imperial Camp; while Cyan is fighting the soldiers on his own; you must join him!)

Cadet (Imperial Camp; while Cyan is fighting the soldiers on his own; you must join him!)

Ghost (Potion)

Poplium (Hi-Potion, Potion)

Whisper (Hi-Potion, Gold Needle)

Living Dead (Hi-Potion)

Druid (Hi-Potion, Potion)

Bomb (Hi-Potion, Potion)

Mindflayer (Hi-Potion, Holy Water, Green Cherry, Maiden’s Kiss)

Gilgamesh 2 (Maiden Kiss) [Phantom Train boss]

Specter (Hyper Wrist)

Ghost Train (Tent) [boss]

Piranha (Potion)

Rizopas (Remedy) [boss]

Tarza (on the Veldt with three people in your party)

Actinian (Hi-Potion)

Anguiform (Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down)

Aspiran (Potion, X-Potion)

Heavy Armor (Iron Helm, Potion)

Merchant (in Locke’s Scenario; Potion; STEAL HIS CLOTHES!)

B-Day Suit (in Locke’s Scenario, after you steal clothes from a Merchant or Cadet)

Officer (in Locke’s Scenario; Potion; STEAL HIS CLOTHES!)

Commander (Potion)

Vector Pup (Potion)

Sahag King (Potion, Eye Drops)

Cartagra (Potion, Antidote)

Gold Bear (Hi-Potion, Potion)

Tunnel Hog (Bioblaster, Air Knife, Elixir) [boss]

Corporal (Mythril Sword, Potion) [mini-boss]

Sentry Dog (Hi-Potion) [mini-boss]

Hell Hound (Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down) [mini-boss]

Angel (Elixir, Mythril Vest, Remedy) [mini-boss]

Kefka (Narshe) {Elixir, Hi-Ether, Peace Ring} [boss 2]

FossilDrgn (Remedy, Holy Water)

Cocatrice (Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion)

Cobra (Twist Headband, Potion, Mythril Knife)

Toxic Ochu (Remedy, Hi-Potion)

Rock Wasp (Potion, Gold Needle)

Red Wolf (Potion, Dried Meat)

GoblinMage (Phoenix Down, Eye Drops)

Hill Gigas (Gigas Glove)

VeilDancer (Thief’s Knife, Hi-Potion)

Tricker (Dragoon Boots, Silver Spectacles, Barrier Ring)

Ronin (Thief’s Bracer, Jeweled Ring, Thief’s Knife, Twist Headband) [boss]

Stunner (Hi-Potion)

Goetia (Antidote, Hi-Potion)

Ultros [boss 2; Opera House]

Wyvern (Dragoon Boots, Potion)

Field Bat (Green Beret, Potion, Mythril Rod)

Grasswyrm (Antidote, Echo Screen)

Bug (Hi-Potion, Gold Needle)

Cold Beast (Tiger Mask, Potion, Hi-Potion)

Mollusk (Sleeping Bag, Potion)

Commando (Mythril Vest, Tent)

ProtoArmor (Mythril Mail, Hi-Potion, Bioblaster, Toxic Sludge)

Mega Armor (Hi-Potion)

Belzecue (Phoenix Down, Potion)

Onion Knight (Potion)

Flan (Crystal Shard, Potion)

Ifrit [boss]

Shiva [boss]

General (Mythril Shield, Potion, Green Cherry, Maiden’s Kiss)

Trapper (Auto Crossbow)

Falcon (Hi-Potion, Green Cherry, Maiden’s Kiss)

Brute (Flash)

Number 024 (Blood Sword, Rune Blade, Flametongue, Icebrand) [boss]

Magna Roader (Purple) (Shuriken, Lightning Scroll, Water Scroll, Neptune Fin) [mini-boss]

Magna Roader (Red) {Shuriken, Lightning Scroll, Flame Scroll, Neptune Fin} [mini-boss]

Number 128 (Kazekiri, Tent) [boss]

Right Blade (Ether) [boss]

Left Blade (Ether) [boss]

Chaser (Bioblaster)

Crane (Noiseblaster) [boss 1]

Crane (Debilitator, Hi-Potion) [boss 2]

Grenade (Flame Scroll)

Lynx (Gaia Gear, Hi-Potion)

Chimera (Hyper Wrist, Golden Armor)

Devourer (Remedy, Hi-Potion)

Intangir (Crystal Shard, Antidote)

Provoker (Hi-Potion, Holy Water)

Ghast (Poison Rod, Green Cherry, Maiden’s Kiss)

Antares (Hi-Potion, Antidote)

Horn Devil (Amulet, Holy Water)

Zombie Dragon (Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down)

Ninja (Angel Wings, Fuma Shuriken)

Kefka [boss 3; Sealed Gate]

Sp Forces (Potion, Crystal Shard)

Balloon (Phoenix Down)

Flame Eater (Flametongue) [bsss]

Panther (Golden Shield)

Cliff Pony (Antidote, Phoenix Down)

Land Turtle (Hi-Potion)

Land Grillon (Echo Screen, Smoke Bomb)

Mandrake (Hi-Potion, Remedy)

Ultros (White Cape) [boss 3; Esper Caves]

Kefka in Mysidia (you fight him as General Leo Christophe)

Unnamed Esper (looks like Ifrit; after Kefka starts capturing all the espers in Mysidia)

Bloody Eye (Ether) [mini-boss]

Hiryuu (Elixir, Ether) [mini-boss]

Gilgamesh 3 (Dried Meat) [boss 4; enroute to Floating Continent]

Chupon (Dagger) [boss]

Lost Esper (Elixir, Princess Ring) [boss]

Ahriman (X-Ether) [boss]

G. Ahriman (Dragonscales, Debilitator) [boss]

Clay Golem (Earring)

Red Devil (Alarm Earring)

Hell Gigas (Elixir, X-Potion, Sasuke) [boss]

Behemoth (Hermes Sandals, X-Potion)

Dragon (Genji Stone, Hi-Potion)

Platinum Dragon (Dragoon Boots, Dragon Song)

Doom Claw (Angel Ring)

Scarmiglione (Ribbon, Elixir) [boss]

Naughty [mini-boss]

Nerapa [mini-boss]

Squirrel (Elixir)

Black Dragon (Holy Water, Tent)

Land Ray (Megalixir)

Osprey (Echo Screen)

Lunaris (Hi-Potion)

Killmantis (Venom Claws)

Minidragon (Antidote)

Coeurl (Hi-Potion, Remedy)

Gigan Toad (Sleeping Bag)

Scorpion (Potion)

Zokka (Hi-Potion, Warp Stone)

Nightwalker (X-Potion)

Lizard (Blood Sword, Gold Needle)

Remora (Potion, Sleeping Bag)

Garula (Diamond Vest, Ether)

Bloompire (Echo Screen, Smoke Bomb)

Thornite (Remedy, Hi-Potion)

Sandhorse (Hi-Potion)

G. Sahagin (Potion)

Oceanus (Gaia Gear, Antidote)

Diablos (Diamond Helm, Golden Shield)

Thief (Black Cowl, Peace Ring)

Humpty (Green Cherry, Maiden’s Kiss)

Lunetta (Potion)

Drop (Ether)

Tentacle (Bottom-Right) [boss]

Tentacle (Top-Right) [boss]

Tentacle (Bottom-Left) [boss]

Tentacle (Top-Left) [boss]

ToxicHound (Antidote, Hi-Potion)

Deepeye (Eye Drops)

Mousse (Magicite Shard)

Zuu (Phoenix Down)

Elf Toad (Amulet, Holy Water)

Zombimage (Remedy, Holy Water)

Piscodemon (Diamond Vest, Hi-Potion, Amulet, Holy Water)

Mold (Holy Water)

Marlboro (X-Potion, Remedy, Holy Water)

Gas Dragon (Dragon Claws) [boss]

Necromancer (Dragon Soul) [boss]

Deathguize (Shadow Flare) [boss]

Hellknight in Mobliz 1 (just Terra, who will die)

Hellknight in Mobliz 2 (full party – he’ll flee once you cause enough damage to him)

Hellknight 3 [boss]

Queen Zuu (Phoenix Down)

Purusa (Moonring Blade)

GloomShell (Hi-Potion)

Cactuar (Gold Needle)

Mud Worm (Remedy)

Lycaon (X-Potion)

Leap Frog (Pinwheel, X-Potion)

Greater Mantis (Impartisan)

Basilisk (Tortoise Shield)

Zone Eater (Warp Stone)

Tyranosaur (Reed Cloak, Frog Spear)

Ultima Dragon (Ribbon, Celestriad)

Nightmare (AmphibVest)

Crawler (Remedy)

Eye Jelly (Saucer)

Fungus (Nutkin Suit)

Lamia (Moogle Suit)

Caladrius (Chocobo Suit)

Blade Dancer (Moogle Suit)

Wild Cat (Tabby Suit)

Optigel (Super Ball)

Hauntess (Fake Mustache)

Chadarnook 1 [starlet boss]

Chadarnook 2 [demon boss]

Caller (Partisan, Heavy Lance, Stout Spear)

Wild Wolf (Potion)

Wolverine (Hi-Potion, Potion)

Mag Roader (Brown) [Shuriken, Lightning Scroll, Flame Scroll]

Mag Roader (Yellow) [Shuriken, Lightning Scroll, Water Scroll]

Wizard (Ice Rod, Thunder Rod, Flame Rod)

Psychos (Potion)

Ice Dragon {Force Shield} [boss 1]

Tritoch [boss]

Anemone (Thunder Rod, Maiden’s Kiss)

Tonberries (Minerva Bustier) [boss]

Ogre Mage (White Cape, Ether, Green Cherry, Maiden’s Kiss)

Onion Dasher (Green Cherry, Maiden’s Kiss)

Burrower (Maiden’s Kiss)

Ixion (White Cape, Ether, Green Cherry, Maiden’s Kiss)

Tonberry (Tintinabar)

Biggs [boss]

Doom Devil (Soul Sabre, Mythril Sword)

Tap Dancer (Swordbreaker, Dagger)

Covert (Pinwheel, Shuriken)

Baalzephon (Sasuke, Kunai)

Arachnid (Murasame, Ashura, Holy Water)

Cave Toad (Dried Meat, Chain Flail, Maiden’s Kiss)

Magic Urn (Elixir, Potion)

Holy Dragon (White Lance, X-Potion) [boss 1]

Level 10 Magic / L.10 Magic (Ether)

Level 20 Magic / L.20 Magic (Ether)

Level 30 Magic / L.30 Magic (Ether)

Level 40 Magic / L.40 Magic (Ether)

Level 50 Magic / L.50 Magic (Hi-Ether, Ether)

Level 60 Magic / L.60 Magic (Hi-Ether, Ether)

Level 70 Magic / L.70 Magic (Hi-Ether, Ether)

Level 80 Magic / L.80 Magic (Hi-Ether, Ether)

Level 90 Magic / L.90 Magic (Hi-Ether, Ether)

Atomos (Crystal Orb, Elixir, Megalixir) [boss]

Gorgimera (Golden Spear)

Twinscythe (Poison Rod)

Tomb Mage (Hi-Potion, Potion, Tigerfang, Esper Claws)

Sr Behemoth (Murasame, Behemoth Suit, Wizard Robe) [boss]

Dark Flan (Behemoth Suit, ThunderBlade) [boss]

Shadow (Dragon’s Neck Coliseum after you rescue him from the Cave on the Veldt; you must bet the Striker)

Earth Dragon (X-Potion, Magus Rod, Esper Rod) [boss 1]

Moonform (Warp Stone)

Creature (Warp Stone)

Sorath (Warp Stone)

Warlock (Warp Stone)

Displayer (Warp Stone)

Slug (Warp Stone)

Ganora (Warp Stone)

Astos the Dark Elf (Thornlet, Paladin Shield, Warp Stone) [boss]

Dark Goblin [boss 1]

Dark Goblin [boss 2]

Dark Goblin [boss 3]

Dark Goblin [boss 4]

Ice Gigas (Muscle Belt, Hi-Potion)

Mugbear (Thief’s Bracer)

Centipede (Hi-Potion)

Jelly (Bone Club, Rising Sun)

Adder (Brigand’s Glove, Air Knife)

Sky Dragon (Force Armor) [boss 1]

Iron Golem (Phoenix Down)

Sea Flower (Phoenix Down)

Uroburos (Phoenix Down)

Chaos Dragon (Phoenix Down)

Storm Bat (Phoenix Down)

Ghoul (Phoenix Down, Holy Water)

Clymenus (Phoenix Down)

Onyx Zuu (Celestriad, Phoenix Down)

Fire Dragon (Murakumo, Thief Spirit) [boss 1]



Queen Lamia



Mindy [boss]

Cindy [boss; Pod Bracelet]

Sandy [boss]

Night Bat





Pluto Armor

Cerberus (Memento Ring, Guard Bracelet, White Ring) [boss]

Enuo (X-Potion)

Creep (Hi-Potion)

King Tonberry (Megalixir, Elixir, Gladius) [boss]

Death Claw (Mythril Glove)

Katana Soul (Murakumo, Murasame, Master’s Scroll, Hades Helm) [boss]

Armored Weapon (Debilitator)

Luntys (Antidote)

Leviathan (Aqua Jewel) [boss]

Mover (Super Ball, Magicite Shard)

Iron Giant

Skull Eater

Kaiser Dragon [big boss; Dragon Blade]

Great Behemoth (Tigerfang)

Dark Force (Crystal Sword)

Outsider (Stoneblade)

Dark Lamia (Silver Spectacles)

Legion (Dried Meat)

Great Marlboro (Warp Stone)

Yojimbo (Masamune)

Lich (Crystal Orb, Blood Sword) [boss]

Demon Toad (Pinwheel)

Junk (Noiseblaster)

Duel Armor (Chainsaw)

Fortis (Drill)

Iron Hitman (Auto Crossbow)

Vectagoyle (Swordbreaker)

Void Dragon (Fuma Shuriken)

Veteran (Earring)

Gamma (Air Anchor)

Prometheus (Debilitator)

InnoSent (Bioblaster)

Sky Base (Flash)

Gilgamesh 4 (Ice Shield, Zantetsuken) [boss]

Landworm / Land Worm (X-Potion)

Two-Headed Dragon (Muscle Belt) [boss 1]

Fiend Dragon (Guard Bracelet)

Guardian (Ribbon, Force Armor) [boss]

Tiamat (Red Jacket, Radiant Lance, Dragon Lance) [boss]

Marilith (Safety Bit, Mutsunokami, Excalibur) [boss]

Kraken (Minerva Bustier, Excalibur, Masamune) [boss]

Zande [boss]

Conglomerate 1 (Ragnarok) [boss]

Conglomerate 2 (Ultima Weapon) [boss]

Kefka as the Dark Cloud [big boss]


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