Brookside Merlot Blackcurrant, Chardonnay Grape Peach, Häagen-Dazs Spirits

Last night, I asked Vanessa whether she and Jason were allergic or sensitive to chocolate, peppermint, or peanut butter. She said no, but thanked me for being thoughtful. I wouldn’t want to give them anything they can’t or won’t eat, of course!

I went out at 4:10 today to get my prescription at the pharmacy next door, then I went to London Drugs on a 407 to mail a birthday card for Julie S. at the post office. I made some of the most stereotypical purchases ever: replacement London Drugs 200 easy-to-swallow aspirins with an expiry date of 30 September 2019, Always pads in bulk, carrot cake Hershey’s Kisses, and NEW Brookside chocolate in Merlot Grape and Blackcurrant flavor / Chardonnay Grape and Peach flavor! I also got some on-sale Lipton chicken noodle soup (in the 338g box instead of the 238g box) and some on-sale La Molisana pasta: four for $5! Bowtie / farfalle, succhietti, fusilli, and penne rigate! When I got on another 407 to go home, I noticed a mom sitting in her kid’s stroller! Of course I had to talk to her about it, haha. Her mom has breathing difficulties, and refused to sit in the stroller herself. Of course it’s not the intended use, so the manufacturer probably isn’t going to want to replace the wheel for free! I got home at 5:10, so that’s perfectly reasonable!

NEW Häagen-Dazs Spirits ice cream: vodka and key lime pie, rum and vanilla caramel blondie, rum and ginger cookie, Irish Cream coffee and biscotti, and whiskey chocolate truffle!

La Molisana penne rigate!

La Molisana fusilli!

London Drugs 200 easy-to-swallow aspirins!

Brookside dark chocolate: NEW Merlot Grape and Blackcurrant flavor!

Brookside dark chocolate: NEW Chardonnay Grape and Peach flavor!

Brookside dark chocolate: Goji and raspberry flavor!

Brookside dark chocolate: Pomegranate flavor!

Brookside dark chocolate: Acai and Blueberry flavor!

Brookside dark chocolate: Mango and Mangosteen flavor!


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