Butter and salt candy Engrish, temporary goods, Varik + Chaos Theatre gibberish

MORE COFFEE TIME! The Canucks played San Jose at 4 today, and lost 3-1. Of course the Sharks had to get a goal with THREE SECONDS LEFT IN THE GAME!

From Engrish: Butter and salt candy, with a bonus cow! I am sorry that I cannot tell this deliciousness in a single word.

Is HALLOW’S END really over? Craig wakes up to a blank screen, and only has Temporary Goods!

In HALLOW’S END, Craig looks at the help information for his Temporary Goods. “How about you try walking around a little bit?”

In EARTHBOUND HALLOWEEN HACK, Varik uses a Walk-Through-Walls code to get past the Chaos Theatre front desk. When he talks to this man, he gets a bunch of gibberish before “Uncharacteristically… They drip with a viscous, puple liquid which burns to the touch. The water’s hue slowly drifts from dark brown to an unfamiliar, foul-smelling red. Suddenly, eyes are burning into you from all sides and your head is pounding with fear. You kneel over and clutch your stomach tightly. Something is so wrong. So, so wrong. This can’t be… Oh, no. Oh, no no NO.” Then the game teleports Varik to the sewers, where all the enemies can one-hit kill him!


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