Golden statue glowing strangely, traveling shack’s entertainer, text not found


Steph sent me an email saying that Fraser was playing with his toy phone at 7:30 AM their time; she asked who he wanted to call, and he said “A-ma”… CUTE! Unfortunately, 4:30 AM is too early to call people here, and even 7:30 AM is too early to call people on the East Coast to chat! She actually did call me for real shortly afterwards at 10:10 AM to see how things were with me, and so Fraser could hear my voice. He said, “A-ma / Yeah / I” and made random noises, haha. They’d just finished their lunch, Mike and Sandy were coming over later while Fraser is napping, Fraser rubs his belly and says “Baby!”, and now she knows that Mom doesn’t listen well / that Ayler loves numbers.

I went out at 3 (just managing to get the 407) to do some shopping: a “nephew with attitude and style” birthday card, a wedding card to plan ahead, on-sale thicker Secret socks since an old pair had holes in them, Softsoap wild basil and lime hand soap, Softsoap lavender and chamomile hand soap, an on-sale yellow POOP EMOJI coin purse (couldn’t resist!), a nephew birthday card, peanut butter / peppermint Whittakers chocolate for a birthday present for Vanessa and Jason, an on-sale 2-in-1 Purell hand sanitizer pack, almond crush Pocky for use in hot chocolate, a birthday card with a poop joke (there will always be birthdays to use this on!), and 180 multivitamins. Then I got home at 3:55 on a 401, which I decided to take because an ambulance was blocking the bus stop. Ugh!

Almond crush Pocky!

London Drugs 180 Multivitamins! Bonus: These do not look like horse pills, so should be way easier to swallow!

Poop emoji coin purse!

No, you idiot! I said they wanted a SHEET cake! Happy birthday and all that crap.

Softsoap lavender and chamomile refill hand soap!

Softsoap vanilla and brown sugar refill hand soap!

Softsoap pomegranate and mango refill hand soap!

Softsoap rich shea butter refill hand soap!

The HALLOW’S END party (Sally, Craig, and Clyde) go into Lier X. Agerate’s basement in Onett. The Golden Statue is glowing strangely…

The HALLOW’S END party (Sally, Craig, and Clyde) get the Crowbar from Mayor B.H. Pirkle after defeating Miss Anna, the leader of the Botz gang. This sign near the Traveling Entertainer’s Shack reads “Traveling shack’s entertainer.”

The HALLOW’S END party (Sally, Craig, and Clyde) talk to this cop at the entrance to Twoson after defeating everything at Giant Step. “ERROR. Text not found! Please consult your manual for more information.”


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