Harmony’s birthday dinner! Stout, cheese, the time, train rides, and more!

After COFFEE TIME, I left at 5:10 to make it to Oakridge in time for Harmony’s family birthday dinner. Of course I had the limited-edition ketchup Doritos chips, a birthday card, the Lindt white chocolate truffles, and the Bija direct trade organic chocolate x2 (Peruvian Incaberry / Cayenne and Wild Ginger) for Harmony’s birthday. When I got there at 5:45, the kids were out for a walk with Dad and Harmony. When Ayler and Hiero got back ten minutes later, they were excited to see me! They instantly wanted to show me some (old) crafts, like a house made with Popsicle sticks from Christmas, plus a preschool worksheet from St. Patrick’s Day.

We had pork hock, Chinese mushrooms, tofu strips, pork skin (Grandma used to eat this to help her skin look young!), cheesy pasta casserole with veggies inside, cucumbers, chicken kebabs, chicken wings, and mango pudding, and milk chocolate stout for dinner. Discussed Tom and Tom, Colin Foo, Joe Wu, Fidela being pregnant, “can I touch you?”, Pastor Edward leaving AGAIN, John Lam, Ada, Sean L. and his rainbow obsession (autism – which is not his fault and isn’t a terrible thing), O HOLY NIGHT, Wednesday dinner plans on Commercial / worship practice, Groupons, Hiero wanting to sit on my lap while I read a book to him about hospitals, what time I did various times, counting things, politeness, Steph / Lisa / Fraser, and leftovers. I discovered a splinter in my hand from the wooden toy box, and asked Harmony to get it out for me with tweezers in the bathroom. Mom and Dad dropped me off at Marine Drive Station, and I just managed to get the 407 bus home at 8:45.


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