Rooster in a plant pot / Go and find another can! / Pre-fabricated wreckage


I called Hester this morning because my toilet flapper wasn’t working. She told me to please write her a note – DUH. At least she said a guy would come around lunchtime to look at my stove fan! They finally came by at 1:45 (that’s not lunch time!) and the guy looked at it and said he’d replace the motor on Friday. Fine by me!

I then left at 3:40 (just missing the 407) to go to Shoppers Drug Mart, where I found ketchup Doritos and some almond milk. Then I went to Kam Do Bakery and found some apple pie for Pi Day. When I got to the bus stop, there was some annoying lady who talked too much about what bus I’d be taking. I ended up taking the same 401 as she did, which led to more pointless conversation when I got off the bus. Yes, I can take either the 401 or 407, not that it’s any of your business! I should just not talk to random people! At least I got back at 4:30.

Limited-edition ketchup Doritos!

From Pete: A rooster in a plant pot with the symbol for PI on it = Chicken Pot Pie!

The GIFTMEN CHRONICLES party goes to the Onett police station before they’re supposed to, thanks to the magic of Walk-Through-Walls. Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo, and the Teddy Bear knock on this jail cell. “Hey, I’m in here! Go and find another can! Ha, I was just joking!”

The GIFTMEN CHRONICLES party uses the Elbonian Slingshot to “teleport” to Winters. They make it to the Andonuts Lab below Stonehenge Base. Dr. Andonuts shows them a new invention. “It appears to be a prefabricated pile of wreckage.” That’s a precrashed Sky Runner!


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