Missing people in Winters / Scary’s merging in The Fourth Dimension!

Lilly Pearce added me to Facebook – DENIED! I went out at 3 (just managing to get the 401), and went to Big Crazy (just managing to get the 410) for $5 JOY dumplings: Lamb and Onion, Chicken and Vegetable, Pork and Vegetable, and Tri-Treasure. I also managed to find three Knorr (Extra) hot and sour soup packets at $2.29 each. Then I went to the Dollar Tree and managed to find Success canned mushrooms near the canned fish. My last stop (just managing to get the 410 back) was London Drugs for a replacement $3 red MARTEX hand towel to replace my old one, on-sale Clover Leaf canned sockeye salmon, and Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup. I got home at 4:25 on a 407, even if I had to wait for a bit in the rain.

Knorr hot and sour soup!

Knorr extra hot and sour soup!

Success canned mushrooms!

Campbell’s condensed cream of mushroom soup!

Clover Leaf wild Pacific sockeye salmon!

Clover Leaf wild Pacific pink salmon!

Martex red hand towels!

Bozo, Paige, and Robot stay overnight in Panama City’s L’Hotel de Summers in BOZOBOUND. The next day’s news headline: “People reported missing one after another in our sister city Winters.”

Bozo, Paige, and Robot consume a Mind Kaleidoscope on the beach at Panama City. WHY IS EVERYTHING PURPLE?! IS IT DRUGGED?!

Here is Scary the psychic ghost on top of a spire in The Fourth Dimension in BOZOBOUND!

Here is Scary’s other half coming to join him in BOZOBOUND!

Scary: “You know why we’re here, right?”

Other half: “Yes, Experiment NgNs 194 has gone escaped…”

Other half: “… and you want to merge to help fix it.”

Scary: “Precisely.” Other half: “Well, what if I decline?”

Scary: “Then I would not want to know the fate of the universe afterwards.”

Other half: “Well, I am ready. Are you? Yes or no.”

Other half: “Oops.” Scary: “You need to focus. Release your anger.”

Other half: “Well, it has been a long time since we were one. I’m going to try again.”

Other half: “Are you ready? Yes or no.”

Other half: “Oops again…”

Scary: “If you cannot focus, we can’t merge. And how will we stop NgNs 194 then?”

Other half: “Okay, okay. I’m ready.” Both: “3, 2, 1… NOW!”

Scary: “So, once again, I am complete. I know now what I must do.”

Scary: “I must seek the one named Bozo.”

Scary: “He is already on a quest to destroy NgNs 194, AKA NegaNess.”

Scary: “He already has two allies. That number will soon increase by one.”

Scary: “One with the mind of two. I must now consult my aide.”

So Scary joins Bozo, Paige, Robot, and the Teddy Bear at the Panama City beach…


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