Mad black dragon, toilet paper, liquid laundry detergent, playing, Fraser

Thank goodness I “made” Mom and Dad wait this morning (going out at 8:50) because at least I know they weren’t late like LAST TIME! We went to #9, where I had satay beef and macaroni with hot milk tea. I got to sit next to Fraser’s high chair, where he babbled at me and said “A-ma!” to me. He definitely likes his food, for sure! We talked about Fraser’s good vision because he noticed a TV playing cartoons and hockey, Daylight Savings Time, Shaun and Nicole, congee, Fraser noticing a baby crying at the table behind us, free coffee at the McDonalds drive-thru, Grandma making macaroni for us as kids, their flight coming in at 8:30 their new time, Havarti being at Mike and Sandy’s for the week, and sausage before I got home at 10:10. Then I decided to do some laundry since I was awake.

Random stuff from Mom and Dad: Arm and Hammer liquid laundry detergent, 15 double rolls of Royale toilet paper, and chocolates / lollipops / Werther’s Originals / mints from the Home and Garden Show.

From Krista: A mad black dragon crushing buildings!


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