MOTHER 2 DELUXE Mu Training in Ranma, with a bonus Dad phone call and garlic!

I called Barry this morning at 9 AM after uploading and tagging photos till 3:15 AM. We went to both banks at 9:40 or so, getting back here at 10:05 AM. We talked about politics and another new “increase” which really just is almost all the cost of the yearly bus pass.

PRODUCT WARNING: I’m banning Indomie Mi Goreng noodles from my apartment. It’s too saucy!

Ness, Paula, Jeff, and the Super Plush Teddy Bear go to the Summers beach in MOTHER 2 DELUXE. They meet the Magic Cake lady at this cart. “This is a very special Magic Cake…” Yeah, the screen is turning purple and blurry because it’s a DRUG REFERENCE!

Chancellor Tic-Tac-Toe in the kingdom of Ranma in the Far East: “Prince Poo, the time has now come for you to undertake your final trial.” I like the name of Tic-Tac-Toe!

Prince Poo picks up a Stone of Enlightenment from one of Castle Ranma’s treasure chests in the throne room. It’s a miraculous stone that enables you to “concentrate” without using your own brain.

Woman to Poo: “I just roasted some garlic and ate it, so the room still stinks.”

The spirit is coming down from the sky!

“Prince Poo… I am the spirit of your ancient lineage.”

“To complete your trial, I am going to break your legs.”

“You will lose the use of them. Do you accept this? Yes or no.”

“So, Prince Poo… you cannot walk, as your legs are broken.”

“Next, I will tear your arms off…”

“I shall then take your arms and feed them to the crows.”

“The taking of your arms… Do you accept this? Yes or no.”

“Ah, Prince Poo… Without legs and arms, you can only lie there…”

“Now, I’ll cut your ears off. You do not mind my taking your hearing away, do you?”

“Do you accept this? Yes or no.”

“(So, Prince Poo… No legs, no arms, and no sound…)”

“(By floating words through the air, I must ask you…)”

“(Do you care if I take your eyes?)”

“(Do you want to live in eternal darkness?)”

“(I will now crush your eyeballs… Do you accept this?) Yes or no.”

“(So, Prince Poo. Now I can only communicate directly with your mind.)”

“(Your mind is all you have left…)”

“(In the end, I will take your mind…)”

“(… though you probably don’t want to allow that, do you?)”

“(So… you can’t answer? You can’t even move? Are you sad? Are you lonely?)”

“(If you lose your mind, you also lose any feelings of sadness… Do you accept this?)”

“(I will take your mind, Prince Poo… know that I will possess it…)”

To round the Mu Training off in MOTHER DELUXE 2, Poo gets a phone call from Ness’s dad, hahaha! “Hello, it’s your dad. You’ve been out there for a long time now…”

Ness’s dad: “Ahhh… and this would be? So, this isn’t Ness. Don’t strain yourself on your journey. Good luck, whoever you are.”

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