Baby Giegue, an unknown new Magicant door, music to soothe the savage breast

The Canucks played the Coyotes at 6 tonight, and lost 3-0.

In COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, here is baby Giegue (a “UCD”) at Level 3 in his own personal Magicant.

In COGNITIVIE DISSONANCE, a new unknown door appears once you complete Giegue’s personal Magicant.

From Yao Zhong Lim in Yew Tee Village, Singapore: TONG YEE excerpt from 2012 examiner’s report. This admittedly amusing question proved to be somewhat distracting for many candidates. In this question, candidates were simply required to explain the use of the author’s phrase that music was powerful enough to soothe the savage breast – well put by one student as “music can bring calm to a disquiet spirit.” Many examiners found several, perhaps not surprisingly, creative interpretations of this phrase. Among the more memorable were “music can stroke your tits,” “music can tame your angry mammaries,” and one examiner’s personal favorite, “music sings songs to your wild boobs.” Examiners look forward to setting future questions on bananas, cucumber yogurt, and geriatric gangbangs.


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