Hiero’s third birthday party! / Scissors are GOOD! / Ayler needing melted cheese

After COFFEE TIME, I unfortunately had to get a ride from my parents at 4:10 to Holly’s amenity room because of Hiero’s third birthday party. They also dropped Havarti off at Margaret’s, making sure to say how it was so much work. Before then, my blue-and-white bracelet exploded all over the kitchen floor, so I had to throw the beads and string away! At least it wasn’t food! Mom thought I was late, but peeing before you leave is always a good idea! She also said that Steph and Lisa managed to buy a house in Hamilton, and got back at 7 tonight. Dad was complaining that everyone was late – JUST FUCKING CHILL! Everett gave me a birthday card meant for Hiero, haha. I also learned that the kids’ new favorite thing is calling people and not saying anything to them when they get an answer.

Ayler’s preschool friend Cassie was there with her brothers Jeremy and a baby boy. Mom told me to “be good and don’t be a stranger,” and Dad thought that I shouldn’t carry scissors around because they’re assault weapons – LIKE YOUR HANDS AREN’T?! I’ll carry scissors around if I fucking want to, and I refuse to put them back now that I’m finally home! We had pomelos, dragonfruit, nachos with pulled pork and olives (Ayler on the melted cheese: “I need to take more!”), chocolate mousse cake, cupcakes (Hiero gave me one), blueberries, apples, apple juice, orange juice, cherry tomatoes, mushroom dip, bread, and more. Brittney was rejected for hugs, Myles took photos, baby Evander grabbed my finger (as did the other baby), Uncle Joe fell asleep, and I heard Mom complaining about Uncle Michael and his family to Auntie Wing Yee. I got home at 7:30, at least. The Canucks played Chicago at 4:30 today, and lost 4-2. Oh well.


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