WARRIOR DRAGON ending poem, DRAGOON X OMEGA start, fascination with creepy shit

After having some tea, I went to visit Vanessa at the hospital at 5:30 after her surgery, and brought an assortment of Lindt chocolates plus the McCormick rainbow bells. We talked about her pain medication / my birth control and side effects, morphine, her gay friend Patrick wanting to go to Atlantis, teratomas, our parents being inappropriate / abusive, Jason taking a week off work / not getting enough sleep last night, her mom, her mother-in-law proofreading things for her, her being proud of me for seeking help, durian, Theo the dog, Julia, health issues, OUR DAILY BREAD, my being more adventurous than her when it comes to eating (like haggis and tripe), that Foodie Guy on Youtube, Steph and Lisa moving to Hamilton, and road trips. Also discussed the Olive Garden, her Jello and juice, dim sum, not eating out much, what there might be to do in Hamilton / Montreal / Quebec / Niagara Falls, the guy and his girlfriend Anna who got eaten alive by a bear (Timothy Treadwell), her books (Stephen King’s THE GUNSLINGER / Bill Bryson on the Appalachian Trail: A WALK IN THE WOODS), DEXTER, SHERLOCK, her strata neighbors, my “museum of noodles,” hyphenation of last names, a paranoid landlady, ex-friends, and her being willing to help me and be an emergency contact for me in general. She thanked me for keeping her same, and said we should hang out when she’s here for a follow-up appointment in a couple of weeks. Sounds good to me!

Visiting Vanessa in hospital to keep her sane!

Here’s the WARRIOR DRAGON ending poem!

Every day is someone’s night
Each delight is other’s plight
Darkness springs from every light
Unless we summon wit and might
And fight for what is right.

This is your starting screen in DRAGOON X OMEGA. Your character is the girl in orange.

From Julie S. and Scary and Creepy Facts: I’m fascinated by really creepy shit.


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