Going to the bathroom and having no PP / Cats inside presents which are cats

Today, it was time to try the passport office thing again at 9 AM with Mom and Dad, who are BOTH FUCKING ABUSIVE. COFFEE WAS NEEDED! Mom tried verifying a phone call with an immediate email – YOU DON’T DO THAT BECAUSE IT MAKES PEOPLE FEEL RUSHED FOR NO REASON! Apparently, the Morrills (meaning Eric :P) had a Christmas gift for me (Starbucks Ugly Holiday Sweater gingerbread man cookies), which I at least genuinely appreciated. I definitely did not want to eat lunch with my parents at ALL, so it was fine if they dropped me off at home before running errands at Richmond Centre. Mom and Dad tried telling me obvious things like looking at the number board to see when it was my turn (that’s why they have audio cues as well…), turning my answering machine on (that’s how I don’t get annoyed by random calls!), how I should make a dentist appointment (I do that already…), how to act in front of the passport agents (PROJECTION!), and how there were only six weeks left to see Fraser. Dad tried acting friendly, but I didn’t like that. At least I was home by 10:50! Then I sent a “thanks” email to Eric for the cookies, and he said that things got busy over the holidays – that’s fine and understandable! Now it’s time for another shower! NO PUTTING AN ARM AROUND ME!

Random stuff from Mom and Dad: a “one size fits all” fishing hat with a zipper, Suzaku premium roasted seaweed which expires on March 21, a 2017 international wildlife calendar from Uncle Andrew’s dentist office, McCormick’s rainbow bells from Dollarama, 60 Russell Stover chocolate “Iddy Biddy Santas,” eight Aji Norimaki brown rice crackers with seaweed (which expired last October 27, so I guess I’m eating them for lunch…), one natural herb cough drop, one Bye Polar candy, $5, and black mittens with wool trim.

Starbucks Ugly Holiday Sweater gingerbread man cookies from Eric!

Suzaku premium roasted seaweed from my parents!

Arn, Ness, Dog, and Sherm have made it to the Moonside area of ARN’S WINTER QUEST. They meet this guy outside the hotel and hospital buildings. “Man! I really need to go to the bathroom, but I have no PP!” HAHAHA!

Arn, Ness, Dog, and Sherm go into the hospital building in ARN’S WINTER QUEST. There’s nothing except this cat, which is… a present?! Arn opened the present. There is a Cat inside! Arn takes it.


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