Musical Toilet Seat, the Satanic Bible, pads, stickers, multivitamins, and more!

I showered today. Then since the sidewalks were actually navigable, I went out at 2:30 to finally get out of the apartment for the first time in 2017! I did some shopping at London Drugs, after just managing to catch a 401. Some lady on the bus was defeating the purpose of her headphones by reciting all the lyrics to her rap song out loud at a sizable volume. I bought La Molisana tomato and basil pasta sauce (which I now have to return since even the jar opener can’t open it), a better basic TI-503SV calculator (the solar one refuses to work properly), a birthday card for Hiero’s third birthday, a birthday card for Ayler’s fifth birthday to plan ahead a little bit, store brand multivitamins for IRON and other things, Oxi Clean Fresh Scent laundry detergent, Bangladeshi-made Gillett’s cloths, stickers (cats with sunglasses / ice cream cones / cupcakes / muffins / doughnuts with sprinkles), on-sale overnight pads x2, and index cards x5. When I got back at 3:40 (just managing to get the 407 bus), I did some post-redrum laundry.

In COLINBOUND 2, Keri has Bill Anderson’s Magical Toilet Seat in Red River. “It’s just a simple toilet seat, but it plays music when somebody sits on it.”

Keri has the Satanic Bible, which is dropped by Raging Fundies in COLINBOUND 2. “This is a book about Satanism, by Anton LaVey.”

A basic Texas Instruments TI-503SV calculator!

London Drugs Multi Plus multivitamins!

La Molisana Tomato and Basil pasta sauce!

La Molisana Marinara pasta sauce!


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