What I got for Christmas 2016!

From Helen Y.: Snoopy and Woodstock with party hats and confetti!

From Helen Y.: Snoopy and Woodstock are saying that it’s almost 2017!

What I got for Christmas 2016!

* lots of online wishes! (Mandy D.-R. [a_phoenixdragon], Alan Cofman, Lena M., Vivian S., Cathy B., Christine B., Julie S. [moonshar], Michelle S., Cathy W. [understimulated], Deb S., Charlotte C.-G. [charshark], Wilf C., Jeremy I., Stefan D., Mikki M., Chantelle S. [danslagorge])

* a Christmas letter from Dylan L., Deb L., Declan L., and Elysse L.

* a subsidized ten-year passport from my parents, Jon, Harmony, Steph, and Lisa!

* a Finland postcard from Didu (didu)

* a glittery Christmas card and two lineart dragon bookmarks from Isabella B. (med_cat)

* Stickers from Nyani M. (browngirl / rubynye) for sure! Dragon stickers from the webcomic Will 5 Never Come, a girl with a black dress, a girl with artwork, a black girl with an orange dragon, blue superhero stickers, musical notes with rainbows, golden awards, a girl summoning a rainbow swirl, a flying guy with red wings, a rainbow girl with THE BOOK OF YOU, lime green smiley faces, a flying guy with red wings and a bird, a fairy with a green dress and violet flowers, and some Party Like Crazy stickers with googly eyes!

* a glittery poinsettia Christmas card from Kim W. (mo_love_99)

* a Christmas card and stickers (colorful happy faces, flowers with yellow happy faces, encouragement stars, stars, small “good job” stickers, Valentine’s Day Hello Kitty stickers, and peace signs) from Julie S. (moonshar)

* a Ferrero Rocher Collection from Chrystal C. with dark chocolate, coconut Raffaelo with almonds, and hazelnut chocolates!

* a card and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Unlock The Weird! (Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! from Steph and Lisa N.

* a card and hand salve made with olive oil, coconut oil, peppermint oil, and beeswax from Jon N. and Harmony H.

* Mom and Dad’s presents: a black Vancouver 2010 cap, three pairs of Kenneth Jones multi-colored socks, a Gildan black T-shirt with “whatever” in white text, five pairs of Debonair ladies socks (“as if” / “oh hey” / “whatever” / “fearless” / “wine not”), a black Nuage winter jacket, a 2017 cat calendar, blue-and-white Andy’s knee socks, a pair of black thick-ish mittens, and a pair of thin white mittens

* a surprise Christmas card from Karla W.

* Christmas cookies and treats from Vanessa H.

* a Christmas letter, a Fairfax Front Pages postcard, two Morbis Artis: Diseases of the Arts postcards, a RED DOG: TRUE BLUE postcard, a Christmas card with an emu on the front, a Kikki silver paper heart, and a paper Christmas elf from Deanna H. (endlessblush)

* a surprise Christmas card from Kitty (bornwitch)

* surprise Starbucks “Holiday Ugly Sweater” cookies from Eric M.

* a Christmas card, an origami paper dragon (red and silver) to “use as a bookmark,” colorful sparkly happy face stickers, party owl stickers, and yellow emotion stickers from Rose F. (rosefox)


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