2016 Yearly Recap!

This is the 2016 Recap. Fitting for the last day of the year, no?


* Eric Ho came over unexpectedly to watch half of the Canucks-Ducks game, and bought a Chicken Caesar pizza from Pizza Hut for us, but screwed up the order and my address in the freezing weather. [Jan. 1]

* Eric M., Vicky, Jason, Dylan, Deb, Pastor Dan, Sharon, Declan, Elysse, and I had our last small group meeting ever – yay for pizza and cake! [Jan. 13]

* My computer had a flickering power light, which Dylan had no idea how to fix. Eric M. didn’t answer his phone. [Jan. 16]

* Hiero’s second birthday party… later that evening, White Eric called to say that Dylan had found a Windows Vista computer for me from his brother-in-law! [Jan. 24]

* Andrew M. called to say that he could come by and fix my computer later, so that was great, especially in view of the shitty toilet problem. He fixed both of my issues, which was awesome! I paid him $60 for a brand new power supply from Memory Express, which was good timing in view of the Canucks’ road trip while my computer issues were going on, AND the payday timing as well. [Jan. 25]


* I had a combination Super Bowl party / Chinese New Year gathering / birthday celebration for Steph at Steph and Lisa’s place [Feb. 7]

* I finally finished FINAL FANTASY III for the NES! [Feb. 19]

* I visited Steph, Lisa, and Fraser – we also squeezed in a FaceTime call with Mike and Sandy after watching MY 600-POUND LIFE! [Feb. 24]

* Barry and I dropped off my tax forms at Chimo. [Feb. 25]

* Barry brought over a working floor lamp from a thrift store – it was free, too! I finally had a working floor lamp in my living room for the first time since 11 PM on August 5, 2014! It needs a three-way light bulb, too. [Feb. 26]


* I met up with Aaron C., Kathy S., and Geoff E. at Waterfront to celebrate Geoff’s birthday by going to the LOUD Cambie and the quieter Pub 340! [Mar. 12]

* I discovered that I couldn’t tag non-friends on Facebook – WTF? [Mar. 14]

* I finally finished DRAGON QUEST III for the SNES! [Mar. 18]

* White Eric came over to switch the computer to the one Dylan got me…. 895 GB of free computer space is WAY better than 59.5 GB with an annoyingly persistent “Low Disk Space” message! [Mar. 19]

* Had a family dinner combining Easter and Harmony’s birthday [Mar. 27]

* Chrystal and I finally got together for a meal. Since she was off work that week, we chose to meet for lunch instead of dinner near Broadway Station! We ate at Mucho Burrito nearby, which was good for effectively killing the “steak burrito bowl” memory dragon of December 8, 2014! [Mar. 28]

* I discovered that I could FINALLY tag non-friends on Facebook again – it was a LONG two weeks, but I could still remember special days! [Mar. 31]


* I went to the Nat Bailey’s farmers market with Harmony, Ayler, and Hiero… I saw Lauren Chan Tam there with her son Brandon! [Apr. 2]

* I got a cold, so couldn’t help out with Ayler and Hiero as much. [Apr. 8]

* I got some Yellow Raspberry Dial soap despite being sick and needing to go out of my way to buy it, near the Tap and Barrel. [Apr. 11]


* Finally saw baby Fraser at a lunch at Jon’s; he was crawling around and crying at the same time once he realized that Steph wasn’t there temporarily, which would have been funny if it weren’t so sad! Then I had dinner at Steph’s after spending the afternoon there. [May 5]

* I had jalapeno sausage poutine from Frenchie’s! This was the first time I’d had poutine since the time I had donair poutine at La Belle Patate with Mike on April 30, 2014! [May 7-8]

* I saw Shaun, Nicole, Lucas, and Liam while they were in town; also took Shaun and Nicole to the Night Market while visiting Steph, Lisa, and Fraser… yay for deep-fried squid! [May 15]

* Met up with Eve while she was in town for the Victoria Day long weekend… Sabrina, Carol, Eve, and I went to a bar near Broadway / Commercial called Toby’s! I had to see Brad Best, forgave Darren S., had my first same-sex kiss from Sabrina, and ultimately peed myself in the Brighouse station elevator since I went the wrong way TWICE! Luckily, the white vinegar trick worked again for my laundry five and a half hours after I got home! [May 21-22]

* Ayler’s fourth birthday party at Mount Pleasant Park! Everyone was amazed by Fraser’s appetite! [May 29]


* Unplugged my poop toilet with help from Barry, finally met Sharon for lunch at the Richmond Centre dining terrace, and went to Anton’s with Vanessa and her gay friend Patrick for dinner! [June 1]

* I met up with Ryan Blacklaws for food at the Greyhound A&W! [June 8]

* I saw Steph, Lisa, and Fraser – Fraser tried pizza for the first time (and liked it), and later had fun with his inflatable pool! [June 29]


* I had a Delta barbecue at Steph and Lisa’s! [July 17]

* I gave up on CHRONO TRIGGER again because of the Arris Dome rat! [July 23]

* I decided to actually try playing the EARTHBOUND Halloween Hack by Radiation, AKA Toby Fox. [July 28]

* I finished the EARTHBOUND Halloween Hack! [July 31]


* I started playing the COLINBOUND 1: INFINA’S INVASION hack of EARTHBOUND. [Aug. 1]

* I finally had enough of Photobucket’s UNBLOCKABLE sponsored pop-under ads seriously affecting my productivity (it takes at least FIVE MINUTES to load a page – and it also affects the other tabs in the browser AND my Snes9X emulator’s sound – NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BROWSER!), so I switched to Imgur… much faster! [Aug. 8]

* I finished the COLINBOUND 1: INFINA’S INVASION hack of EARTHBOUND! [Aug. 20]

* Fraser’s first birthday party! [Aug. 21]

* Started and finished the short HOLIDAY HEX hack of EARTHBOUND. [Aug. 22]

* Started COLINBOUND 2. [Aug. 23]

* I met up with Chrystal at Broadway Station at 6:30 for dinner. The lack of actual chairs and tables (as opposed to barstools) at La Taquiera was a dealbreaker for me, so we went to Ebisu on Broadway instead. [Aug. 26]


* Checked out the Richmond World Festival at Minoru Park with Mom and Dad, then went to Deer Garden for dinner – food trucks and people! [Sept. 3]

* Finished COLINBOUND 2! [Sept. 8]

* Went to Steph and Lisa’s with some Dare Bear Paws (a nut-free snack food!) and a dog-themed combination coaster / magnet / bottle opener to visit baby Fraser. After I got home, I started JONBOUND: DARK FUTURE! [Sept. 9]

* Went to white Eric’s birthday celebration at Jeremy’s: Mexican food! Unfortunately, Randal was there… but Kevin, Christon, and Pastor Dan showed up! Harmony also showed up with the kids! [Sept. 11]

* Eric Ho came over for my birthday and to watch the Canada-Russia World Cup hockey game at 4 – we had Burger King! [Sept. 14]

* Went to my FAMILY birthday celebration at the nearby Boston Pizza with Mom, Dad, Jon, Harmony, Ayler, Hiero, Steph, Lisa, and Fraser. Dinner was a rare New York striploin steak / shrimp / garlic bread / BBQ chicken pizza / fries / cucumbers / yellow peppers / Belgian Moon beer / a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. [Sept. 17]

* Went to my FRIENDS birthday celebration at Ebisu Sushi near Neptune Seafood House and Dinesty Dumpling House. Christon, Chrystal, Eric M., Kevin, Laurie, and Vanessa were there. [Sept. 22]

* I finally finished JONBOUND! [Sept. 30]


* I went to Christon and Jeremy’s annual birthday dinner at Jer’s place. I met Jeremy’s cousin Justin, who is here for school. [Oct. 1]

* I started HALLOW’S END (another EARTHBOUND hack) since patching it actually seemed to work for the first time in 24 hours! [Oct. 2]

* I finished HALLOW’S END, then started and finished JEFF’S #1 BASS FISHING! [Oct. 7]

* Started and finished HYPERBOUND, which was disappointing. Then I started THE MYSTERIOUS MINE. [Oct. 8]

* Had a family Thanksgiving dinner in Delta at Steph’s. I was an hour late, thanks to FUCKING TRANSLINK CHANGING ALL THE BRIGHOUSE BUS STOPS WITHOUT ANY WARNING! When I got to the house and upstairs, Fraser clapped when he saw me, with a big smile! That was cute and cheering! [Oct. 9]

* Went to a tandoori chicken dinner at Mom’s with Fraser, Steph, and Lisa. [Oct. 10]

* Got together for a belated birthday brunch with Deb and Vicky at IHOP. I had fluffy buttermilk pancakes with blueberry syrup and butter syrup / hash browns / scrambled eggs / two giant pork sausages. It was good to catch up with them! [Oct. 14]

* Finished THE MYSTERIOUS MINE. [Oct. 16]


* Went to my first LIVE Canucks game with Steph, courtesy of Steph and Lisa as a birthday present! It was against the Sabres! [Oct. 20]

* Vanessa and Jason came over to give me their old couch and move my couch, too! [Oct. 21]

* Went for a rather belated lunch with Auntie Catherine at Peaceful Restaurant, who somehow misplaced my email address earlier. I had stewed lamb hand-dragged noodles with Napa cabbage and woodear mushrooms, while she had Northern Pork Dumplings. Of course, we both had tea. Then we went to the nearby Book Warehouse, where we bumped into Eunice’s sister Winnie! [Oct. 28]


* Eric Ho came over to watch the Canucks-Leafs game, unfortunately while I had redrum. We lost 5-2. [Nov. 5]

* Finally finished COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, and started SUPER MARIO REMIX 2. [Nov. 6]


* Finished SUPER MARIO REMIX 2, didn’t bother much with CHOCOBO DRAGON WARRIOR, and went on to WARRIOR DRAGON. [Nov. 12]

* Finished WARRIOR DRAGON, and started DRAGOON X OMEGA. [Nov. 13]

* Went out to visit Nicole, Lucas, and Fraser in Delta. Fraser wanted me to finish eating lunch so I could read to him, but he didn’t want Nicole to read to him while I was finishing my food. [Nov. 14]

* Gave up on DRAGOON X OMEGA because it glitched out on me whenever I cast a Return spell and then got into a fight. I started MR. TENDA’S WACKY ADVENTURE instead. [Nov. 15]

* Finished MR. TENDA’S WACKY ADVENTURE, and started BOZOBOUND. [Nov. 16]

* Had a family dinner to celebrate Jon’s 35th birthday! Ayler did not hit me for once! [Nov. 19]

* Picked up the latest BATHROOM READER! #29 is the UNCANNY BATHROOM READER! [Nov. 24]

* Pam Shih saw and recognized me at Shoppers Drug Mart! Later, I had YET ANOTHER SURPRISE REDRUM while attempting to get a Pap smear at Dr. Ruby’s office! [Nov. 25]

* Realized that I’d had THREE periods in this calendar month alone! I WAS NOT AMUSED! [Nov. 30]


* Finally finished the broken BOZOBOUND hack! Later, I started MR. SATURN IN QUEST OF HAT. [Dec. 1]


* Finished MOTHER 2.5 THE GIFTMEN CHRONICLES, and started ARN’S WINTER QUEST. Went to Jeremy’s to celebrate Jon’s 35th birthday with the annual Sunday dinner. This time, the menu included non-Pho Vietnamese food: Goi Buoi Tom Thi (Pomelo Salad), Banh Xeo (Sizzling Crepes), Canh Chua (Sour Fish Soup), Cha Ca Hanoi (Turmeric Fish with Dill), Rau Muong Xoa (Stir-Fried Water Spinach), Kem Xa (Lemongrass Ice Cream), Vietnamese coffee, and rice! [Dec. 4]

* I attempted to meet up with Mom and Dad so they could take me to the passport office after subsidizing a lot of my ten-year passport costs. Unfortunately, I forgot about stuff… THEN DAD HIT ME! WTF?! [Dec. 7]

* Finished ARN’S WINTER QUEST, so I replayed COLINBOUND 2. [Dec. 10]

* Finished COLINBOUND 2, so I replayed COLINBOUND 1. [Dec. 18]

* Finished COLINBOUND 1, so I replayed JONBOUND. Turbo mode makes things SO MUCH FASTER! 😀 [Dec. 21]

* Went to Chimo crisis with Barry. Later on, Eric Ho came over to watch the Canucks-Jets game. [Dec. 22]

* Got together with Chrystal at 7 for a twice-rescheduled dinner at Pho Xe Lua Extreme: steak, flank, fatty flank, tendon, and tripe Pho noodles for me! [Dec. 23]

* Had a family Christmas dinner, unfortunately. [Dec. 25]

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