The Red Eye, Niiue joining the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE party, diminished powers

Vanessa came by at 10:20 AM with some Christmas cookies since she had an appointment at the hospital at 10:45, and wanted to know if she could get my parking pass – sure! I did ask her whether she’d be willing to remove that dead mouse I found behind the couch – yes, I had rubber gloves (I should go get more even if she didn’t have to touch the mouse this time) and plastic bags! We talked about Amacon management, bloodwork, Barry, counselling, and walk-in clinics. She came back at noon with my parking pass, and I went out at 1:25 to the medical clinic near London Drugs. Good thing I went out then, because the waiting time had somehow ballooned to two hours! In order to kill some time, I went shopping. I got store brand rubber gloves, La Molisana farfalle pasta 66 (bowtie pasta), La Molisana succhietti pasta 34 (tortiglione), and thick coat hangers from London Drugs. Then I got gold / silver / bronze metallic permanent Sharpies and a new Casio FX-260 Solar Scientific calculator from Staples before returning to wait a while.

When I finally got to see the doctor, he told me that I had nice ears – WTF? I finally was home at 4:30! Then I thought I lost my BC medical services card, but it turned out to be in my purple Alia coat’s other pocket – PHEW! HASSLE AVOIDED! The Canucks played Anaheim at 7 tonight; the game went to overtime, and Vancouver WON 3-2!

La Molisana farfalle pasta 66! (bowtie pasta)

La Molisana succhietti pasta 34!

Casio FX-260 Solar Scientific calculator!

Gold / silver / bronze metallic Sharpies!

Colonel Saturn, Alinivar, Larice, and Zarbol have discovered the Red Eye in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE after defeating the fourth Point of Power boss on Jupiter, Airmeister and his Airpuffs.

After Larice shuts down on Mars, Commander Niiue joins the rest of the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE party.

Commander Niiue tells the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE party that her powers are not what they once were, and she’s right. She’s 30 levels lower than she was on Giegue’s spaceship!


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