What I gave for Christmas 2016!

What I gave for Christmas 2016!

* lots of cards and stuff for my real-life friends! (Advent calendar / Christmas card / VSC Belgian chocolates for Eric Ho [lddude], a Christmas card and VSC Belgian chocolates for Chrystal C., a Christmas card for Vanessa H., Walker’s Festive Shortbread / a card / stickers for Jon / Harmony / Ayler / Hiero, Dare Simple Pleasures cranberry shortbread cookies for Steph / Lisa / Fraser)

* lots of online wishes! (Mandy D.-R., Cathy B., Michelle S., Chantelle S., Fearsome Canucks Fans, Matt A., Ryan M., Mikki M., Ryan B.)

* Christmas card and birthday card for Deanna H. (endlessblush)

* birthday card for Nyani M. (browngirl / rubynye)

* Christmas card and postcards for Julie S. (moonshar)

* Christmas card for Kelli E. (neonrose5)


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