Zarbol, Boson, UFOs, the full COGNITIVE DISSONANCE party, the Crystal Cavern

Leon said something on Facebook about it snowing in Richmond, so I looked out the window: DAMN YOU, KILLER SNOW! I definitely stayed home today! It was time for laundry once I felt that I’d been relaxed enough to start some, what with all the socks and the shirt yesterday! I almost thought I’d lost an “OH HEY” sock, but after going through my laundered clothing, I found it mixed in with my underwear!

After Larice takes off and crashes in Niiue’s spaceship, you switch to playing as Zarbol the silver UFO, who has a hat. He has a pink UFO temporary party member named Boson to help him.

Zarbol’s title in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is “Messenger,” while Boson’s is “Light Crew.”

Colonel Saturn, Alinivar, Larice, and Zarbol are now all together as the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE party after being defeated by Giegue by Niiue’s crashed spaceship!

After joining the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE party, Zarbol’s title is now “UFO Sidekick.”

After defeating the Son of Meltdude, Colonel Saturn / Alinivar / Larice / Zarbol have now absorbed the power of the third Point of Piower in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, which is the Crystal Cavern.


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