Doge toothbrush painting, Christmas letters as fanfiction, RIPLEYS, clocks

Steph and Lisa picked me up at 4:35 for the family Christmas celebration with Jeremy, so I had the chocolates and shortbread ready! Fraser was a bit cranky, but he’d been sick with a cold recently, so that was fine. I got Jeremy to be my emergency contact for my passport form. Apparently, Mom wants me to do the passport stuff in two days – I’d rather have it over with, I guess. Ayler and Hiero had fun with toys, and Ayler asked if he could touch my beard after being reminded about that with Jeremy. We had bacon and Brussels sprouts, the good meatloaf (with no filler) from Park Royal Mall, turkey and gravy, barley wine, cider, eggnog with rum, fruitcake with rum, mashed yams, cranberry sauce, and more! Fraser seemed to like the piano music part of the evening, Hiero wanted a break from eating food (but didn’t mind pistachios!), and I helped Ayler open his new “telling time” learning mat. He seemed to like it, anyway. Good thing that Steph and Lisa gave me a ride home, too! We talked about a video which Mom had posted that Harmony would probably ask her to remove since it contained her kids staring at us, the snow and ice, and drones near the airport.


* a card and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Unlock The Weird! (Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! from Steph and Lisa

* a card and hand salve made with olive oil, coconut oil, peppermint oil, and beeswax from Jon and Harmony

* Mom and Dad’s presents: a black Vancouver 2010 cap, three pairs of Kenneth Jones multi-colored socks, a Gildan black T-shirt with “whatever” in white text, five pairs of Debonair ladies socks (“as if” / “oh hey” / “whatever” / “fearless” / “wine not”), a black Nuage winter jacket, a 2017 cat calendar, blue-and-white Andy’s knee socks, a pair of black thick-ish mittens, and a pair of thin white mittens

From Julie: Doge toothbrush painting!

From Someecards: My mom’s Christmas letters about our family are my favorite form of fanfiction. (Mom’s English mistakes make hers even better somehow!)


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