Niiue joining Larice, Niiue being a commander, jolts, beams, healing, and zaps!

I decided to go out into the Christmas Eve insanity at 2:10 for limited-edition and on-sale Lindt chocolate (and orange Gatorade x6 since mine expires on Boxing Day), but I could have just gone to the Broadway London Drugs again instead of trying to split my time between the nearby London Drugs and that one. DAMN YOU, INACCURATE WEBSITE STOCK COUNTER! I got Irish Cream Lindt truffles at the nearby London Drugs, then got candy cane Lindt truffles and almond truffles at the Broadway London Drugs, along with orange Gatorade. Someone let me in line in front of them, and a man said “Merry Christmas” upon seeing my Santa hat.

Your Christmas Color is Green

You love an old-fashioned, genuine Christmas. And this includes lots of natural elements like trees and wreaths.
You tend to have a simple Christmas that hearkens to times past. You like holiday smells, sights, and songs than have been around for decades – if not centuries.

You enjoy every moment of this season, but you don’t hold on too tightly. You are good with it all being temporary and special.
You like to bring a little nature indoors if you can during the deadest part of the year. You want a reminder that spring is coming!

Limited-edition candy cane Lindt truffles!

Limited-edition almond Lindt truffles!

Limited-edition Irish Cream Lindt truffles!

Niiue joins Larice temporarily after she talks to the other Starmen about the spaceship collision in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

Niiue’s title in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is “Commander.”

Inexplicable Jolt in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: “A direct assault to the senses. Single enemy.”

Incomprehensible Zap in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: “Release the chaos. Single enemy.”

PK Shockwave Omega in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is a deadly wave of psychokinetic energy.

PSI Lifeup Y in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE restores all hit points to one person.

PSI Lifeup Omega in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE restores about 150 hit points to everyone.

PSI Healing Omega in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE cures all harmful status ailments, including KO.

PK Beam B in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is a beam attack to a single enemy.

PK Beam E in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is a beam attack that may cause instant death.

Meditate in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE allows you to spend time deep in thought to restore a few PP.


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