A pre-Christmas dinner with Chrystal / Bozo and Smokey! / Poop with a Santa hat!

Good thing I posted my last entries when I did, since Shaw had a “brief” 35-minute outage later this afternoon! I had coffee and emailed Mandy about recent developments before going out at 6:20 to meet Chrystal inside the London Drugs by Broadway Station at 7. A few minutes before, I’d seen on Reddit that a 401 bus driver was giving out candy canes to passengers. To my surprise, I got that bus driver! At London Drugs, I had Chrystal’s VSC Belgian seashells, but decided to forego the STAR WARS Advent calendar, which I’d given to white Eric (along with his 35 index cards) when I saw him at that Sunday Dinner at Jeremy’s earlier this month. While I was waiting for Chrystal at London Drugs, I bought on-sale Palmolive Oxy Power De-Greaser Marine Purity dish detergent, one more on-sale NescafĂ© coffee canister since the sale expires on Dec. 27 (December 15, 2016) / Purell hand sanitizer which expires in February 2019 / Uncle Lee’s organic black tea / Old Dutch BBQ chips for Eric Ho / Old Dutch Lightly Salted chips for Eric Ho. I was talking to some random lady about a huge bar of chocolate which could last until Easter when someone tapped me on the shoulder. Hey, it was Chrystal!

We settled on the nearby Pho Xue Lua Extreme restaurant, and talked about tea / steak / tripe / tendons / flank / hot pot with Emily’s in-laws or Mike T.’s parents / baby Ethan who is 13 months old, her mom’s birthday being tomorrow (Auntie Kathy is a Christmas Eve baby!) / Google and Youtube tutorials being useful / Steph moving / Danielle getting married / Facebook accounts / gaslighting / professional help / her dad explaining himself last week with a traffic excuse / our never waiting outside for the other ever again. I later went to Staples for 48 more Z-Grip pens (May 25, 2016) since the 410 was RIGHT THERE when I got to Brighouse. Then I finally got home at 9:30 on a 407 after almost getting run over twice on MY GREEN LIGHT (seeing a guy in bare feet and pajamas muttering to himself and looking through the newspaper boxes), and found the Calgary-Vancouver hockey score: ANOTHER 4-1 loss?! I checked my bank account since my debit card was declined at both London Drugs and Staples earlier – with more or less average spending AND a lower amount for bills, I only had $8 in my chequing account?!

Steak, flank, fatty flank, tendon, and tripe Pho noodles: #15 at Pho Xe Lua Extreme!

Uncle Lee’s organic black tea!

Ferrero Rocher chocolate collection: dark chocolate, coconut (which I dislike) with almond, and hazelnut! I ate the coconut ones right away so I wouldn’t have to eat them later, haha.

L.B. Maple Treat maple syrup candies!

Bozo, Ricky’s dad, and Smokey the cat are almost on the Chipley hilltop in BOZOBOUND.

From Deanna: Here’s an Australian beach poop with a Santa hat!

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