Santaur ornaments, hot chocolate, portobello mushroom pasta sauce, and more!

After having coffee, I called Eric Ho at about 10:15 AM to see if he could come to the family Christmas dinner, but he can’t be my rock this time. I briefly explained what had happened with Dad, and he made a pun out of it by saying it was a wacky story. Maybe he’ll call me during / after work today or tomorrow. Barry called me at 11:30 so we could go banking and then shopping for food. It didn’t go as I thought since I told him about that Dad incident as a way of getting help. We went to Chimo, where I talked to a couple of people while in an upset state, but got some crisis line numbers. I got a few pamphlets and business cards, plus an appointment to call Jocelyn next Wednesday. I bought on-sale Shinryu Black noodles ($2 off!), Koka spicy black pepper noodles, Jazz Mee noodles (original / curry), on-sale Lipton soups (Tomato Garden Vegetable / Chicken Noodle), on-sale Marie Callender Three-Meat Marinara, Excel White gum x3, on-sale Ronzoni portobello mushroom pasta sauce, on-sale Neoguri udon noodles, an on-sale Carnation hot chocolate variety pack (After Eight / Coffee Crisp / Rolo), on-sale Lindt caramel / sea salt chocolates, and Vedan Korean Kimchi noodles. Then I also purchased on-sale Nongshim Korean Clay Pot Ramyun noodles, Indomie Mi Goreng chow mein from Indonesia, Lucky Me! Pancit Canton noodles (original / chili and citrus / kalamansi), Kleenex boxes x6, Mr. Big and Mars bars (I had a tough morning!), an on-sale sushi dragon roll which expires tomorrow (ditto!), on-sale Marie Callender’s Three-Meat Marinara, on-sale almond vanilla milk, an on-sale Smart Ones homestyle beef pot roast meal, on-sale Excel Gum, almond milk x2, and on-sale Mama shrimp tom yum noodles.

Eric just called to say he’s on his way here from McDonalds since he was hungry. I guess that’s fine. Now to get my parking permit out!

From Julie: Santaur Christmas ornaments?! Santa Claus and a centaur?!

Dragon roll sushi, Price Smart style!

Excel White pink gum!

Smart Ones homestyle beef pot roast!

Shin Ramyun Black premium noodles, in pot-au-feu flavor!

Mama shrimp tom yum noodles!

Nongshim Korean Clay Pot Ramyun noodles!

Indomie Mi Goreng noodles!

Vedan Korean kimchi noodles for the vegetarian!

Pancit Canton original noodles!

Pancit Canton chili / citrus noodles!

Pancit Canton kalamansi noodles!

Ronzoni portobello mushroom pasta sauce!

Ronzoni arrabbiata pasta sauce!

Tim Horton’s hot chocolate!

Carnation hot chocolate variety pack: Rolo / Coffee Crisp / After Eight!

Lindt caramel and sea salt chocolates!


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