Invisible dead people, Dungeon Man, a Dalek Christmas tree, unbelievably bad

After reading about the local snow dump and car accidents online, I called Chrystal at work at 12:15 to cancel our get-together tonight because I don’t want her to get into an accident or go out when she doesn’t have to. She definitely appreciated this and said so multiple times, and said that she didn’t think she wanted to go out tonight anyway. We eventually rescheduled for Friday, even if there’s a hockey game on. Apparently, she did tell her dad that she was annoyed and disappointed in him, so that’s good!

Dead people are invisible in BOZOBOUND! In this screenshot, Robot is the dead invisible party member in Panama City.

Here is Dungeon Man with Bozo, Paige, and Robot in the Egyptian desert in BOZOBOUND!

From Marilynn: A Dalek Christmas tree for DOCTOR WHO fans!

Bozo, Paige, Robot, and Scary finally have some Dino Food for the Mini-Dino Tribe. They try to eat it in Wausau. “It smelled so unbelievably bad that you could not eat it.”


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