Cupcakes / Giegue in his spaceship, Ninten / Ana / Lloyd, Alinivar, caterpillars

The Canucks played Tampa Bay at 7 tonight – Mattias Ohlund was honored at the game, and the Canucks won 4-2!

You Are Goofy

You love the holidays, possibly more than anyone you know. For you, this is a fun time to let loose and play.
Even though the holidays are important to you, you are rarely disappointed. You keep your expectations low.

Each year, Christmas is an adventure for you. You don’t mind mixing things up, as long as you’re still having a good time.
You remind people of what they liked about Christmas in the first place. You bring that childlike joy back for everyone.

Here is Giegue in his spaceship in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE!

In COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, Giegue’s title is UCD. We later find out that it stands for “Universal Cosmic Destroyer.”

Inexplicable Jolt in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: A direct assault to the senses. Single enemy.

Incomprehensible Zap in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: Release the chaos. Single enemy.

Insanity Fog in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: Drive your enemies completely insane.

Unnatural Wave in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: Inflict unnatural torment on all enemies.

Anger in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: Slip into madness. Restores Giegue’s PP.

In COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, there’s a video feed of Ana, Ninten, and Lloyd singing to defeat Giegue in MOTHER 1 / EARTHBOUND ZERO.

Alinivar the Mook is in his cave in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

There are caterpillars on the ground here in COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. Don’t travel this way yet, or you might step on them.


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