Nescafé coffee, Scotch scissors, index cards, and WD-40! / No Chrystal?!

I went out in the freezing weather at 5:50 to meet Chrystal at Broadway Station, just missing a 401. I waited for at least 40 minutes just inside the station before I gave up and went to London Drugs to buy on-sale Nescafé coffee (April 20, 2016), WD-40 spray because Vanessa had suggested it yesterday for my cold “stuck” apartment door, Scotch scissors for my small blue reusable bag since I didn’t have them yet for some reason, and index cards x5. When I got home at 8:05 on a 407 (the bus drivers lowered the ramp both ways), I checked my phone just in case Chrystal had called me – she had, at least four times, ending at 7:35. So I called her back, wondering what happened. It turns out that she shouldn’t rely on her dad for timely rides since he was half an hour late picking her up from work. Based on her timeline of events, we must have just missed each other by five minutes. She apologized profusely multiple times, which I acknowledged! She wants to see me, so we set up another date after she said that her mom looks after Ethan on Tuesdays, and they only have one car: this time, it’s Monday the 19th inside the London Drugs because it won’t be so cold. Yes, I’ll call her at work that day! Thank goodness I was able to open the WD-40 effectively by squeezing the cap!

Nescafé instant coffee canister!



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