These are all the enemies I could find in the ARN’S WINTER QUEST: GWAY EDITION hack of EARTHBOUND by Toby Fox, aka Radiation. I used this Youtube playlist by SkullKid3 as a walkthrough.

NOTE: Make sure that Dog has the Awesome Shades, Arn has the Cool Sombrero, and Ness has the Awesome Hat.

Press the T key for the menu! (why not A?)

Use the Pencil Eraser to get rid of the tour bus.

Crazy Enemies Code: Pro Action Replay: C0281D80 / Game Genie: 6D4F-7704 AND Pro Action Replay: C0281E1A / Game Genie: FC4F-7764 if the game freezes.

7E98322A for Infinite Money!

Here’s a table!

Code Name: Game Genie: Pro Action Replay:
Walk Thru All CB93-746F C054EAA9
Walk Thru Walls FD93-776F C054EE10
Text Doesn’t Stop EE64-54A1 C1892BFF

Game Genie: DB08-5FA8 (100% item drops in normal battles) / DB16-77DB (100% item drops in instant win battles)

Strategy Document Included with the ROM


Welcome to my guide for the popular hack Arn’s Winter Quest. This guide will give you everything you need to know about the game, and will often be updated to suit your needs. It will work similar to the Earthbound guide and will list the necessary sections, from this page to the last.
All the items, bosses, dungeons, places, and other things around the world in this game will be listed later.


You’ll need a ZSNESW emulator. You can find one at http://www.zsnes.com. Next, you’ll need an Earthbound ROM. One can be found at http://www.romguy.com. Now, you’ll need a copy of Lunar Expand. There’s one at http://www.romhacking.net. Now, a copy of Lunar IPS is needed. Find one at http://www.romhacking.net. Finally, go to starmen.net, then the PK Hack section, and then the Hacks and Patches section. You’ll find Arn’s Winter Quest there.
Arn was peacefully sleeping in his shack, when suddenly, something went BOOM and woke him up. The courageous Arn goes to see what’s up. Look in the game’s first present box to find Arn’s first weapon, the Pillow Shoe. Talk to the burnt person to find out he is a Ness. He crashed going to the EB No Matsuri party. He’ll also tell you about the Annual Gift Man, a man who delivers presents all over the world. He tells you that the Annual Gift Man might be in peril, and joins you.

Apparently, you only have $20 on hand. You can find more money by killing enemies, which you will find later. Whenever you save your game in a new place, restart it, because there is a bug where if you don’t, you’ll go to a random ocean, which will screw up your game, causing you to restart. It’s vital to talk to everyone around town here, as they will give away VERY important information. Talk to the bunny to find out he is selling weapons and food. The only item you can buy for now is the Robin Hat; however, I don’t recommend you do it. You’ll see why later. Come back here when you have at least 800 dollars. Walk to the first dungeon in the game, Nicho’s cave.
   Shop 1
    Edible Boots $48
   Actual Shoes $98
   Waffle $24
   Rubber Armband $98
  Robin Hat $19
  A-Grav Cloak $60
  Sand A Lot Bat $398

First things first, the enemies here are kinda hard hitting, but the Snow Crawls aren’t. It would be a good idea to level up to at least level 8 before fighting the boss here. The enemies in this game fortunately give loads of EXP, making leveling only 1/99 the trouble. Also, if you fight a lot of enemies, return to the rabbit at once and raid his weapons and food. Also, get every present here. They’re pretty easy to find. When you’re at level 7 or so, go to the rabbit. Buy a Sand A Lot Bat for Ness, a pair of Actual Shoes for Arn, and an A-Grav Cloak for Arn. Then spend the rest of your money on Waffles until your inventories are filled. If you leveled Arn up to 8, and if Ness’ EXP requirements are under 100, keep fighting. If Arn and Ness know Ice Beta and Rockin Alpha, then Nicho will be a cinch. Just attack with said PSI powers, and Nicho will go down in two turns. Go out of the cave and into the other one to be in Satan Claws’ Haunted House.

Snow Crawl: These things are very weak, they’ll barely put up a fight.
Karate Squirrel: Crap, these things are tough. Use some PSI and hopefully you won’t lose too much HP.
Death Star: These guys rarely attack, but when they do, heavy damage will be coming your way.
Mystery Flame: Taking down these fiery foes might not be a very easy job…

Palm Tree Bat: Though it may be Ness’ crappiest weapon, it’ll be needed for the upcoming bosses, unless you got the Sand A Lot Bat, however.
Fireball: Use this if PSI is not enough for that dang Nicho fellow.
Waffle: Your standard Nicho recovery item.
Portable TV: Revive a partner.
Rubber Armband: Both Ness and Arn can get one.
A-Grav-Cloak: Like with the Rubber Armband, both Ness and Arn can get one.


You’re toast if this crazy T.O.T.K. uses a knife attack.

SATAN CLAW’S RAGE: The enemies here are much tougher then the ones in Nicho’s cave! Level up to 19 before fighting the boss. Also, make sure Ness knows Rockin’ Beta by then.

NOTE: The lights will consistently go on and off when you fight an enemy. Use your memory to make it through here.

There’s a truck blocking the way to the boss! You’ll need to find a Pencil Eraser to get rid of the truck. Go to the left-most door on the middle corridor of the haunted house. You’ll find a Pencil Eraser on the left side of this cave.

NOTE: The toughest enemy here is the Energy Ball. PSI attacks are vital against this lightning menace, but if you’re at a high level, a couple Bashes will make it go down. This thing hits VERY HARD, but gives a lot of EXP!

Once you get up to level 19, and Ness knows Rockin’ Beta, walk up to Satan Claws. Arn and Ness will mistake Satan for the Annual Gift Man and Santa Claus. After the funny conversation is over, it’ll be battle time. Satan Claws is a little tougher to deal with then Nicho was. Satan can attack with high-level attacks like a fireball or a stomp of his foot. But fortunately, your Beta attacks will plow Satan to the ground. Don’t forget your mighty Bash! Once Satan Claws is toast, talk to the camel. He’ll talk about you saving his marriage, which doesn’t have anything to do with the plot. He’ll then give you the Awesome Shades.

NOTE: The Awesome Shades are an important item. Save them for later in the game. Talk to the dog to find out his name is Dog. (WTF) Anyway, he’ll join your party.

NOTE: There are three presents here, containing three items. The first one is a Snake Armband, which you should equip on Dog. Then a Neutralizer, which you should also give to Dog. Finally, there’s an Awesome Hat. Save the Awesome Hat for the end of the game as well. Dog is at a very low level. Return to Satan Claw’s Haunted House, and level him up to level 20 before going into the third area, The Volcano.

Enemies: Quite a few…


Pencil Eraser: You got yourself a truck exterminator!
Energy Sandwich: ENERGY!
Brain Food Lunch: Eat, eat, have a treat…
Awesome Shades: Sweet-looking shades that’ll appeal to the babes.
Neutralizer: Get rid of shields and PSI effects.
Snake Armband: The ideal defensive item for Dog.
Awesome Hat: Wear this or die.
Bosses: Satan Claws. He can change forms, do high level attacks, and put up a shield.


The enemies here will eat your health away very fast with their attacks, so make sure your stats are full. Watch out for the Rayedeer. He WILL kill you quickly if you’re not prepared, so use fast and damaging attacks. However, what’s even MORE dangerous is the Mighty Pastry!! The Mighty Pastry! is the toughest enemy so far, so you better bring some good items if you wanna live.

Level up to 28 before fighting the boss, so that he won’t become a problem. After leveling up to 28, talk to the figure to find out he is Thunder Storm, a Thunder Mite who is mad about his popularity. With his spaceship piece, he can rule the world and gain popularity for the first time ever. Of course, we must stop his evil plans or else the world is doomed. The third boss battle will start after the conversation ends.

Thunder Storm is actually fairly simple to defeat. He’ll start his first turn with a blizzard, which doesn’t do much damage, but can solidify a character if you’re not careful. Have Arn use Ice Beta and Ness use Rockin Beta, while Dog uses Squirrel Shots and Mr. Higgins. Thunder Storm starts the battle with a shield, so use Dog’s Neutralizer first before wailing on him with your PSI and weapons. Thunder Storm might kill one of your party members, but you’ll have probably have finished the battle by then. Now that Thunder Storm is gone, level up to 30 now that the enemies are scared of you. You’ll need to be at a high level before continuing.

Items: Quite a few…
Enemies: Also quite a few…
Bosses: Thunder Storm. Get rid of his shield, and put him in a world of pain.


Return to Arn’s cabin to meet a cow, which will destroy all of Arn’s spaceship pieces! The Annual Gift Man will appear out of nowhere to engage the berserk cow in battle! The Annoying Cow is another easy boss, now that The Annual Gift Man is on your side. Just use PSI, weapons, and Bashing to get rid of this spotted soul. Also, the boss starts out with a shield, so use the Neutralizer to get rid of it.

After the battle, the party will notice a note with directions to the Moon, where The Annual Gift Man is being held captive. If Arn and his friends ever want presents again, they have to go there and save Christmas and the world from an evil force. The crew decides to risk their lives to save the world. After equipping the Shotel Gauntlet on Dog, go down. Along the way, you’ll meet the final party member, Sherm. He’s a tangerine prince from the Far East. He’s at a weak level, so go back to the Volcano and level him up to 25 before moving on to the next area of the game, the Pyramid.

Shotel Gauntlet: Dog’s first weapon.

Annoying Cow: Put his shield out of the way, then PSI him into a steak dinner.


The enemies here fortunately aren’t very strong, so you can have an easy time leveling up. Speaking of leveling, level up to 35.

NOTE: There are three presents, containing an Iron Cleat Ski (a weapon for Arn), a Vampire Bat (a weapon for Ness), and the most invaluable health item in the game, a Molten Gold. MAKE SURE YOU GET THESE, AS THEY ARE INSANELY IMPORTANT!!!
There is also a Vampire Fleas for Dog, which can suck some of the enemy’s HP onto you. Don’t use this on enemies with status ailments, obviously. The Enraged Old Coot from the Volcano returns for more havoc. Just Bash like hell when you meet one. In the last room of this dungeon, you’ll meet Starman Senior. He’ll be guarding the teleporter to the Moon. He’ll get mad, and a battle will ensue.

This guy is pretty easy, like the last two bosses were. Have Arn use PSI Ice, have Ness use Rockin’ Beta, Dog bash or use the Vampire Fleas, and have Sherm use PSI Ice Beta. Starman Senior will attack with PSI and Bash a lil’ here and there. After a few rounds of this, Senior will fall.

NOTE: After you kill Starman Senior, he’ll leave a Flea Wave Smash, the Vampire Flea’s PP-sucking cousin. Both the Vampire Fleas and the Flea Wave Smash are an awesome combo, as you can recover the party’s PP and HP at the same time! NEVER LOSE EITHER OF THESE!! After healing and saving, make your way to the teleporter where Starman Senior was to go up to the nearly final area of the game: The Moon.

Enemies: Quite a few…

Iron Cleat Ski: Give this to Arn for a ski party of a battle.

Vampire Bat: Give this to Ness. Could it be Dracula’s son?

Molten Gold: Oh my God, the ultimate recovery item!

Vampire Fleas: Give this to Dog. Part 1 of 2 of the HP and PP recovery combo.

Flea Wave Smash: Give this to Dog. Part 2 of 2 of the HP and PP recovery combo.

Bosses: Starman Senior. I’m looking for a hottie, not a wrinkly!


You’re about to enter a dimension beyond space and time, the universe and life, Radio PSI, and Mr. A’s Map Editor… the MOON dimension.

Here, we have 4 dumbasses experiencing the most unexplored planet ever in the universe, and finding out why the third example of something is always funny. You are Arn. You are an innocent boy forced to go on this retarded journey that interrupted your alone time. You are Ness. You came here because you missed a party. Boo-hoo for you. You are Dog. You are insulted by everyone because you are ugly. Your history is a mystery. You are Sherm. You are a prince from the Far East, and a tangerine. Some people try to eat you, others use you. Not these guys, though. You will control these idiots through a very strange journey.

In this present is armor for Arn called Arthur Cuffs. Level up here until Arn and Sherm know Ice Gamma and Ness learns Rockin’ Gamma. This is the first sub-area here. Make sure you’re fully healed before coming here. Also, you’ll find a surprise here…

Items: Quite a few…

Enemies: Also quite a few…


Before we get to that surprise, let’s investigate this gift box. There’s a Digital Watch in here. Equip this on Dog. This is the teleporter you need to come to in order to get to the surprise. To get to this teleporter: Go down once you come in here, right, up, go right, up, right, down, right. Go right and walk into this room. For some reason, one of the boxes is open. The other box contains a Cool Sombrero.

NOTE: The Cool Sombrero is the last item you have to keep in the game.

There’s a woman in a room after you trekked to the factory parts of the moon. She’ll tell you that the Awesome Hat, Awesome Shades, and Cool Sombrero are parts of the secret ending. She won’t tell you that you won’t get the secret ending until you do something important. Go in the room to the left to find a truck. Choose no instead of yes, so you can flip the switch. I wonder what happened…

Save and heal once you’re in this room. First off, make sure you’re at least level 40 before coming here. If not, return and level up. Once you do, you’re all set. Check the sign. It appears there’s no turning back once you climb this staircase… take that risk and go up the stairs to your destiny… The sign will make fun of you and call you a loser and tell you there’s no teleporter. Go in the next area… I hate that damn sign…

Items: Quite a few…

Enemies: Also quite a few…


Um… where are we?? We’re in an area with strange music, audience, and lights. Screw that, WHERE ARE WE IS THE IMPORTANT QUESTION. The cat in the corner wants a cat. You don’t have one at the moment. You will later, however. Go right through the room, enter the door in the sewer part of the next room, and go in the door that says Hospital. Now, here’s the important part. Empty everything in Arn’s inventory except the things he has equipped. Check the cat for a Cat. (WTF) Return to where the cat was. MAKE SURE ARN AND ONLY ARN HAS THE CAT BECAUSE THERE’S A GLITCH THAT IF ARN DOESN’T HAVE THE CAT, THE CAT’LL STLL GIVE YOU THE “ARN HAS FAILED TO GIVE ME THE CAT” MESSAGE IF SOMEONE ELSE HAS IT!

Talk to the cat again. Select yes to get the Pencil Eraser. Go to the truck right of the door leading outside, and use the Pencil Eraser to get rid of the truck. Go out the door to a teleporter. Grab the Really Rad Rock. Check the teleporter, and you’ll be teleported to Arn’s cabin. Check the help option in the Really Rad Rock. It’ll tell you about the woman who’s really a guy (WTF) who told you about those items you collected. It’ll tell you to go see him again.

NOTE: Make sure that Dog has the Awesome Shades, Arn has the Cool Sombrero, and Ness has the Awesome Hat.

Return to the guy, and he’ll say you got the secret ending! YAY! Okay, enough of that…

Cat: A Cat for the cat.

Really Rad Rock: Needed for the guy.

Enemies: Quite a few…


NOTE: DO NOT ENTER THIS PLACE IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE SECRET ENDING BECAUSE YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO FINISH THE GAME! Seriously, don’t enter if you don’t have that godly ending! Also, once Arn knows Ice Gamma, Ness knows Rockin’ Gamma, and Sherm knows Starstorm Alpha, enter this place.

Go in the room once the party knows the above powers. Buy a lot of Lucky Sandwiches from the hippie. You’ll meet Simon Bob. He disguised The Annual Gift Man (who’s right by him) as Lucky. He challenges you to a battle. This is a tough battle! First off, Simon Bob can cause some heavy damage, and his servants, Apathy and Hatred, can also be a pain in the ass.

To kill this demonic octopus thing: Have Arn use PSI Ice Gamma, Ness use Rockin’ Gamma, Dog shoot and use the Vampire Fleas and Flea Wave Smash, and Sherm use PSI Starstorm Alpha. There’s a high chance that one of your party members will die, but putting up a few shields ought to end this battle without much trouble. Simon Bob will tell you he’s gonna concoct another strategy for destruction. Arn and his friends might be retarded, but they can kick ass when they need to! The boys then teleport themselves to the second-to-final area of the game: The Staff Room.

Items: Quite a few…
Enemies: Also quite a few…
Bosses: The Great Simon Bob, Apathy, and Hatred. It’ll take a little more than PSI and bashing to take down these freaks…


NOTE: Level up until Arn learns Ice Omega, Ness learns Rockin Omega, and Sherm knows Ice Omega. Don’t worry about Dog, though; he’s cool the way he is now. Come to this tentacle once the gang knows the above PSI. Check the tentacle to have the group depart to the final area of the game: Mr. Accident’s lair.

Items: Quite a few…

Enemies: Also quite a few…


There are three enemies called Last Battles you need to fight before you can confront the final boss. They’re easy if you meet the previous section’s requirements for this area. Just attack violently with your best PSI when you face one, and you should come out on top. This enemy will almost never get an attack on you with a bunch of PSI thrown at him.

NOTE: If you level up to the required levels for Mr. Accident’s Lair, STAY AWAY FROM ENEMIES!!!! You’ll need the entire HP and PP you have, even if you lose ONE, it won’t count as fully healed! Luckily, you’re playing this game on an emulator, so use save states whenever you’re not around any enemies. If you happen to get in a battle with one, use Run Away IMMEDIATELY!!

NOTE: Though there are three Last Battles to tangle with, I recommend you only fight one. Not three; just ONE! It isn’t worth the massive beatings because your EXP requirements must be sky high by now, so ignore the other two.

Talk to the statue to find out that it is Mr. Accident. He loves pain and misery (those were his exact words), and he decides to use the corruptive Map Editor he made that destroys souls to destroy mankind! Arn and the gang will not stand for this! After Mr. A’s final words “Prepare to die!” are shown and he becomes his true form, the final battle will begin.

Items: None.

Enemies: Last Battle. Only fight one of these. I fought two, but I didn’t gain many levels.


Death Editor Bound is kinda tough. He’ll attack with PSI a lot, and he’ll summon a couple storms. Just pound on him with your best PSI, and have Dog use Vampire Fleas and Flea Wave Smash. Do this for a while, and Death Editor Bound will bring on his hex form, in which hundreds of hexes burst through his stomach wall, he drools blood, and he freaks out. If anyone dies from the storms, just bear with it the rest of the battle, unless you have enough PP to revive people.

This is D.E.B’s second form, d83eh 84etor hbfen. This is his “crazy” form, and almost all of his stats are zero. Well, except for his HP. He can cast inexplicable attacks, which don’t cause much damage, fortunately. To finish off this creepy thing, keep bashing and using any left over PSI for attacking. Keep at it, and this unstable monster will die.

Bosses: Death Editor Bound / d83eh 84etor hbfen: Attack ruthlessly, and this guy’ll be on his way to hex heaven.

THE CREDITS: And so, the adventures of Arn and the gang have ended… for now. Who knows, maybe another villain will come along and try to threaten the earth again, and it’ll be up to the gang to stop him. I hope this guide helped you finish the game. Bye!


Rockin: Your standard offensive PSI.

Ice: Use this very often. It’s a darn important PSI.

Flame: You won’t be using this very often, but it’s rather useful against some of the first bosses.

Holy: A lot of enemies, (particularly the Holy Dragon), will be using this. You probably won’t be at all, you’ll be too busy using Ice and Rockin.

Recover: This is very vital to use.

Cure: Like Recover, this is very vital to use.

Magnet: An awesome PP sucker.

Shield: Use this on the last couple of bosses.

Hypnosis: Use this on enemies vulnerable to it.

Paralysis: Strong enemies are possibly vulnerable to this. Use it.

Darkstorm / Starstorm: It’s called both of these. Use it ONLY against Simon B and enemies.

Electro: You won’t be using this PSI much.

Brainshock: Use this on enemies vulnerable to it.

Help Wanted: I’m looking for assistants to help me with my guide. If this annoys anyone, PM me.

Small EARTHBOUND tile map:

Snow Crawl (Blue Moon Cheese)

Christmas Bat (Can of Vanilla Ice)

Karate Squirrel (Dark Waffle)

Evil Waffle (Waffle Bit)

Death Star (Copper Bracelet)

Mystery Flame (Robin Hat)

Mr. Evil Nihco (Mr. Higgins) [Mr. Higgins Cave boss]

Asbestos Ice (Royal Iced Tea)

Ice Fire (Waffle)

Elemental Cube (Energy Sandwich)

Mad Menorah (Flame Pendant)

Rented Elf (Santa Hat)

Polar Crow (Croissant)

Zombie CEO (Fireball)

Snow Soldier (Awesomesauce)

Frigidator 5000 (Royal Syrup)

Energy Ball (Fireball)

Satan Claws [Department Store boss]

Satan Claws – Fire [Department Store boss]

Satan Claws – Ice [Department Store boss]

Raynedeer (Squirrel Shot)

Ninja Chakram (Boomerang)

Enraged Old Coot (Pharaoh’s Curse)

Fire Waffle (Flame Pendant)

Pure Carbon (Dark Waffle)

SMAAAAAASH Mouth (Sky Cloak)

Mighty Pastry (Waffle)

Thunder Storm (Royal Syrup) [Fire Springs area boss]

Annoying Cow (Shotel Gauntlet) [desert town boss]

Grey Imp (Teddy Bear)

Rowdy Teenager (Dynomite)

King of the Rats (Digital Watch)

Nutcrasher (Shiny Arm)

Magma Warrior (Energy Rifle)

Electric Container (Electro-Shock)

Fireplace (Fireball)

Starman Senior (Flea Wave Smash) [Techno Ruins Pyramid boss]

Fobby (PSI Caramel)

Blood Dove (Cold Remedy)

Blitzenkrieg (Viper)

MLA (Photo of NLA)

Great Waffle (Waffle Teeth)

Flying Rat (Kraken Soup)

Lucifer Tree (Blue Moon Cheese)

Dante’s Fridge (Brain Food Lunch)

Sir Tenda (Hat of Kings)

Starman Funk (Pocket Guitar)

Farm Zombie (Skip Sandwich)

Slimy Little Pile (Dynamite)

Mostly Bad Fly (Blue Moon Cheese)

Ninja DUDE! (Shuriken)

-=*Shuriken*=- (Shuriken)

~Sweet Ninja Dude~ (Totally Sweet)

Bouncerguard (Guts Capsule)

Laser Gun (Dynomite)

Dragon Warrior (Magic Soap)

Deja Vu (Large Pizza)

Dark Waffle (Dark Waffle)

Evil Mani-Mani [Moonside boss]

Gammaraid (Citric Blade)

Great Crested Booka (Pocket Guitar)

Dread Skelpion (Ketchup Packet)

Hatred (Kraken Soup) [boss]

Apathy (Skip Sandwich DX) [boss]

The Great SimonBob (Can of Fruit Juice) [boss]

Herman (PSI Caramel)

Holy Dragon (Rock Band)

Tokage (Magic Soap)

Starman Super Duper (Grove Armor)

Last Battle (Kraken Soup)

Death Editor Bound [ultimate boss; first form]

d83eh 84etor hbfen [ultimate boss; second form]


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