Airhorn prank, Flying Men in BOZOBOUND Magicant, complicated winter jackets

Mom said that she and Dad could pay a lot of the $160 passport fee if I waited for her outside Dr. Ruby’s office at the early hour of 9:45 AM or if they picked me up at 9 AM. I opted for the latter, given the current state of the weather around here. She called at 8 AM – while I was making food – to remind me to bring my old passport because they’d cancel it at the office. Good thing, too – I probably would not have thought to take it with me! Then we went to the passport office to get things done, but I forgot about the guarantor part. I got an attempted parental guilt trip about Ayler and Hiero and church, too. DON’T BUG ME ABOUT WASTING TIME WHEN I’M TRYING TO FOCUS! Mom gave me a complicated white Stormtech Performance winter jacket, which would be cool except that the DOUBLE ZIPPER got stuck within three hours of my owning it; good thing I managed to fix it before going out again! She also gave me a thin charcoal Stretch GAP jacket for wearing around the cold apartment, which is fine.

At 2:15, I went to the pharmacy next door for some generic Minoral called Ovima. NO MORE DEMULEN AFTER SATURDAY! Yes, I told the male pharmacy manager all about my three full periods in November, but HE ASKED about the prescription change! So we discussed estrogen and other things as well. Since I was there anyways, I asked about hydrogen peroxide. At $2.29 for 500 mL, it’s $1.80 CHEAPER than London Drugs! Good to know for the future!

Airhorn prank from Andrew M. and 22 Words!

Here are the Flying Men in BOZOBOUND’s version of Magicant. They are Bozo clones!


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