Jon’s 35th birthday with Vietnamese food! / Turducken! / Tasty Bite meals!

Food tonight: Goi Buoi Tom Thi (Pomelo Salad)
Banh Xeo (Sizzling Crepes)
Canh Chua (Sour Fish Soup)
Cha Ca Hanoi (Turmeric Fish with Dill)
Rau Muong Xoa (Stir-Fried Water Spinach)
Kem Xa (Lemongrass Ice Cream) [since that didn’t turn out as planned, we had the test batch of Vietnamese coffee ice cream instead!]
Vietnamese Coffee

I left at 3:40 to make it to Kingsgate Mall / Buy-Lo Foods and hopefully buy stuff before it closed at 5. I did call earlier to make sure Buy-Lo for the Gwei Lo had Tasty Bite meals. When I got there, the fire alarm was going off! With the help of an employee, I bought what I had not tried before: Jaipur Vegetables, Bengal Lentils, Vegetable Korma, Mushroom Lo Mein, and Vegetable Tikka Masala. I also got some Western Family window / glass cleaner since Andrew M. had recommended it for my problem with a computer mouse pointer which drifts to the side of the screen every so often in the past few days. The store brand is good enough for my budget even if it doesn’t end up working (which is the case), and the sprayer can be easily manipulated and turned! I should spray some on a paper towel and clean the laser lens at the bottom of the computer mouse. (I tried that when I got home, but the drifting STILL HAPPENED!) This year’s birthday dinner profit and donations went toward a local rape relief centre. Unfortunately, Randal was there AGAIN, but he did give me a spoon when I needed one for soup (for which I politely thanked him), so whatever. Yay for straw mushrooms!

I talked to Rebecca, Mark (who smokes – Earth, Wind, and Fire), Jeremy (about Mom’s Donvier ice cream maker from the 90s), Jesse briefly, Trish (about Internet arguments and a book on the homeless), Eric (who joked about #4 and Alderbridge), Stanley (the words “succulent” and “moist” / subbing at schools / Earl Marriott / Christmas music like Bing Crosby), Ayler and Hiero (who hit each other / asked about the time / said that Jeremy was Auntie Lisa / held my hands to ask me whether I was going to “New Home”), Christon / Caleb / Kevin (brief greetings), and someone named Jonathan who wanted a vegetarian version of the crepes. Hiero showed me the toy car with the broken door, I leaned backwards when Stanley joked that I’d crush Hiero when he sat behind me, and I had three helpings of the spinach. (I didn’t have any of the lettuce) Eric reminded me about the $20, and I spent a few minutes trying to find the money pile as Stanley joked that it was in his wallet. Yeah right! Eric and I talked about FALLOUT 3 and 4, XENOBLADE CHRONICLES, LUFIA 2, other games, tomorrow’s potential snow, and more on our way home. Then I got home at 9:50 to an email from Mom about Wednesday – lots of text about their plans for the day like visiting a friend by Ironwood and maybe picking me up at 9 AM to get to the passport office AND Dr. Ruby’s at 9:45 (that’s too much time allowed!), but nothing about a ride back for me, so I have to tell her that explicitly.

From Reddit: Having satisfied their curiosity, the three friends went their separate ways, and never discussed “making a turducken” again.

Mead 3×5 index cards!

Tasty Bite Jaipur Vegetables!

Tasty Bite Bengal Lentils!

Tasty Bite Vegetable Korma!

Tasty Bite Vegetable Tikka Masala!

Tasty Bite Mushroom Lo Mein!


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